Chapter 27

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Author's Note

Tell me your other ships (Phan, Troyler, Narcus, etc and any others you'd like to see get together (Elise and Joe, Jolise, that's the only one I can think of but feel free to ask me to include your ships!

One last thing, in the Author's Note you guys thought it was Troye that saved Tyler, but in Chapter 26 I said that Troye was kidnapped with the rest of them, and he was the one that told them to watch the live projector, and Zoe comforted him when it looked like Jack was going to shoot Tyler, so it can't have been him. Haha!

Zoe's POV

I couldn't believe we'd found Alfie. I was sure he was dead! But he was here. Weak, but still here. I felt a sudden surge of both love and guilt when I saw him. Guilt because I'd chosen Jack, who played me like a violin, over Alfie, who truly cared about me, and love, because he forgave me after I was awful to him and because I was seeing my best friend, who I believed dead, for the first time in weeks.

I couldn't bring out the words to tell him that I was sorry, that after a while with Jack I'd wanted to go back to Alfie but couldn't, because I thought he was dead, and because Jack would surely dump me if I went back to him, and I thought I loved Jack. But I couldn't say it wasn't my fault, because it was. I couldn't make excuses for my behaviour.

But anyway, we were currently watching a fuzzy black image projected onto the stone wall. Dan had explained how the projector worked.

Jack and Finn both had their own cameras, which were wired to the projector over our heads. When they turned their camera on, it projected the images that the twins were filming onto the wall. When Tyler's saviour had shot Jack's camera, which he had left probably on a bush/tree/lamppost, it had shattered the screen, so now we only saw black fuzziness from the broken lens.

I wondered who we had on our side. Whoever they were, they seemed pretty strong and skilled. They'd beaten Jack in a fight and shot the camera lens with one bullet. They must have amazing aim. I was so glad we weren't alone in this fight, because we were just YouTubers. None of us were skilled fighters and most of us were injured, all of us weak and tired. We couldn't hurt a fly. Sure, people like Marcus may have big muscles, but when it comes to fighting, he's as useful as a chair.

I love them all, but really, if we were alone, we didn't stand a chance. We probably didn't stand a chance even with Tyler's saviour on our side, because they were one person. Small, by the looks of it. And Jack and Finn were big, muscled men, probably with several others on their side. Really what hope did we have?

Dan and Phil were sat in the corner of the room. Phil's head rested on Dan's chest and Dan was stroking his hair. Now I knew what the viewers meant shipping 'Phan'. They were pretty cute, but that was the last thing on my mind.

Niomi was sleeping on Marcus's lap, his arms were around her and he was stroking her hair, looking very protective.

Tanya was panicking in the corner, her eyes full of tears, and Jim was rubbing her back and kissing her head, trying to calm her.

The other single boys and Louise were grouped together, talking miserably. I sidled back up to Alfie and rested my head on his shoulder.

He wrapped an arm around my waist and with his other hand, took my own hand in his, stroking the back of it.

"I won't let them hurt you, Zoe. Not again. While I'm still alive they won't touch you. I promise," Alfie said, and kissed my temple.

"What do you mean 'while I'm still alive'?" I asked, my voice trembling.

"Really, Zo, what chance do I have? I'm weak, injured and have you to protect-"

"You don't have to protect me, please, Alfie. Don't risk yourself for me, I'm not worth it," I interjected.

"You're worth it all, Zoe Sugg," Alfie said, tracing his hand around my back wound.

Louise had cleaned it up with a tissue and bandaged it with a jumper but that was the best she could do, given the situation.

I was about to drift off on Alfie's comfortable shoulder when the

door of the basement burst open with a bang.

The YouTubers all leapt back, hiding behind each other, cowering away.

Because there at the doorway was Jack and Finn, with evil smirks on their faces. Several tough looking men stood behind them, arms crossed.

They were all holding whips, guns, knives and other weapons. Only Alfie didn't look shocked. He'd probably experience it before, and my heart broke.

Then the group walked slowly into the middle of the room.

"Time to play a game, my friends."

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