Planning a Wedding!

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*Harry's POV*

It's been 2 days since I proposed to Immi. I still can't believe that she said yes. Everyone was so happy for us except Louis. With was rather strange, as I thought he would of been the one who was the happiest. Clearly there is something wrong. Tayla was right. I saw that Carmel and Louis were extremely close all that night. He must of asked her out. About fucking time.

A knock on my bedroom door, made me land back on planet earth. I stand from my bed an slowly walk over to the door. I was hoping it would be Immi. Nope it was... Tash. What the fuck is she doing here?

"Hey? What you doing here." I ask quite suprised.

"I am here to help you with the wedding plans. Immi will be here soon to help with Tayla, Liam and Zayn, Niall also Carmel I think. Louis can't make it."

"Oh ok, well maybe it's best if we go

To the living room. more space." I add.

Tash and I walk to the living room, I offer her a Cup of tea. We make small talk while we wait for the rest of the group to arrive.

"Hey. You too." I hear a soft voice say.

I knew who it was straight awa, the most beautiful girl in the world. my fiancé. I smile at her, an pull her to my lap and kiss her sod lips.

"Ok you too. Get a room." Liam says.

"Aww. don't be so jealous." I spit back.

Only then did I realise that Liam is the only one who doesn't have a girlfriend. Opps.

"I'm not jealous. I just didn't come here to see you too eat each other's faces off. I came to help plan a weeding."

According to the girls planning a wedding takes a lot of time. If I could have it my way, it would be a simple tux and gown and family and close friends and that's it. But nope, Immi wants a big fancy wedding. I will

Do whatever makes her happy.

"Ok so, I was thinking we could have the wedding in I don't know. Maybe, Auatralia?" Umm, what did she just say. "What do you think Haz?"

Oh fuck. That's a god question, what do I think? How will we get over there? How long will it take. All these questions started running through my head.


Tayla says looking at me slightly worried.

"Oh umm. Whatever you want baby, I am ok with it." Witch is the truth. I am happy with whatever she wants.

She gives me the biggest smile and kisses me on the check. oh how I love her.

"Ok, Haz. you need to think of someone to be your best man." Shouts Niall. Ouch my ear.

Fuck. I have to find someone to be my best man. Who am I going to pick. I don't really have a best mate. So I guess I will just have to think about it. Wait how long do I have to make this choice. Might wanna check that.

"How long, do I have to make this choice?"

"About 5 days."

I squeeze Immi a bit tigher. The thought of having 5 days to decide scared the crap out of me. How am I going to decide who to pick, in 5 days. I hope umm has 5 days to pick her maid if honour... or whatever they are called.

"Immi you have the same." Liam says.

Hmm should I have Liam as my Best Man? Immi would love that.

"Okay." Immi and I say at the same time. We both give each other weak smiles before putting our head back into the planning the weeding sign of things. I wonder what is going through everyone's minds at this point in time.

It's crazy to think being 20 and 19 and we are getting married. People may say we don't know what love is. I strongly believe that we do.

*Immi's POV*

Planing this whole wedding thing is really quite stressful. No wonder people find it hard to pls them. But yet they all seem to come together on the day. The bride always looks so beautiful and the groom looks snazzy. That's how I want Harry and my wedding to be like. perfect.

The thought of having to pick a maid of honour is quite easy for me, ever since I have wanted to get married I knew I would chose Tayla. she is my best friend. No more. Like a sister, we do and tell each other everything. I love Tash and Carmel, but Tayla and I are just sisters.

The only thing left todo is ask her. I am so glad that I have a great group of friends and a amazing fiancé to help me get through the basics of it all.

"So I guess that will be all for today, I think we all need some to to hair think and relax." Carmel says. "Movie time anyone?" She adds

We all say yes, as we can't resist. We all love watching moves together, it's kinda become a timely thing. I lay back I to Harry eve more when the movie starts. I just take a deep breathe, in and out. needing to breathe in this point in time is very important

"Alright love?" Harry asks in his very strong British accent. So damn sexy.

"Yeah, all good babe." I smile and give him a peck on the tip of his tanned noise.

I take a look around see all these people that mean a lot to me. Tayla and Niall have become all cuddly. Zayn and Tash are eating each other's faces as per normal, even though Louis is t here Carmel is more than happy to hug up to Loam. These are moments that I never will forget. I loved every person in this room. An I am so thankful that they are helping me plan the biggest day in Harry an my life.

Soon I will no longer be Imogen Payne. I'll shall be called Imogen Styles.

*Louis POV* (short)

I am so glad that I missed that meeting today about the ducking wedding. My heart is still aching from the though of them to becoming a item. Harry wouldn't be around at this point in time if, I didn't wake up an realise that hurting Harry would kill Immi. An having Carmel is something much more important.

I can't let the jealous things I have over Harry, power over me. I need to move on. Focus all my love and time in Carmel. she is the most important thing to me right now.

My phone buzzes in my back pocket of my jeans.

The screen says Carmel.

'Not the same without you, please come.'

'Sorry bub, family things xx'

Clearly I'm not doing family things. I taking some time to myself to realise what I almost did. Scary to think that it could have the tag of Murder on my name, for the rest of my life.

This wedding is what I need to focus on. I need to put my part into the wedding. Not let everyone else do it.

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