Chapter 11

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Before u guys have started this whole book,remember when u read that this book was gonna have some twist? Well there's a twist in this chapter well the fathers rudeness is out and much more is on it's way,and the nexts lol have fun and comment/vote/like/shear!



It was raining really hard outside,and the dark lights made it harder to see,ray wasn't inside the cafe, but I saw him near the park walking away,his polar shirt, converse and hairstyle was him! I run to him and right when I'm soo close someone grabes my hands and pulls me back,I look at ray,and he's getting pulled too,both my hands were behind me now!

What's happening? Why do you do this to me god? Every time i want to meet ray! Why? I know I'm not meant for him,but still!

I look back at the freak who was pulling me into a familiar van!

It was father I get in the back as he slaps me in the face!

What the heck is going on here? My father looked at me! The car starts to drive away.

My heart beating that what if father knows about ray!

I must tell him what Taylor's been doing to me!

"Father! I'm sorry! I don't-"I said as father cuts me off.

"I can't believe you could do this! I have done so much for you! I have been giving you every thing! I gave you toys that children in your age could have only dreamed of!New things! And YOU! You proved to me what a daughter is! A stupid girl! Now I know why people used to dig there daughters into graves when they are born! I should have done the same!"father says.

"Father you have it all wrong!"I yelled!

We reach back home as the car door opens my heart is shaking like the sound of drums!

Father jumps out of the car and I was getting out too,but father pulled my arm and I fall on the hard wet rocky floor,the pain was soo much!

I don't get what's happing? Father saw me and ray,at night,but father thought I was sleeping! Augh! My heads killing me.

My fancy clothes were getting dirty! I was starting to stand back up,father pulled me by my arms and vector is now oping the door for him.

Father threw me in front of my mother,I was on the floor with bruises and bloody scratches!

"Look what YOUR daughter did?"father acted as if I was some shit laying in a garbage pail!

"What happened?"mother yelled at me.

"Don't ask that thing what happened! This girl was going to run away from home! She was going to stupidly never comeback ten days before her marriage!" Father yelled at mother,as he pointed at me,vector spoke up.

"Father how'd? What?"Vector asked.

Vector would never take my side!

"What!! Olivia I can't believe YOU! Just think! What would we tell our relatives huh? The party people the camera's the Robinson's going to say about this!"mother only worried about what would others say.

"Wait you guys got it all wrong!"I try'd to say!

"I saw with my own two eyes,she was running away from me and to someone! I can't believe this! I've been giving you love and money and everything! And you couldn't even give me a smile!"father said.

He picked me up me by my hair and ran to a door that was locked,this house has about 34 rooms,this was one that was always locked!

He opened the door and pushed me in!

"Father NOO! Don't do this to me! I promise I won't ever leave the house again!!!"I yell.

I was thrown inside a dark room.which scared me to death!

"I'll see how you leave the house now you-your a nobody!"father yelles at me as he closed the door!

I stood back up and nocked at the door!

"Father? Don't please! IS ANYONE THERE? Vector? Mother?please!"I kept yelling I cried so much that night!

I stood up;my body was soar now! The pain in my arms from father pulling me and the pain in my hair and neck from father pulling me into the house,the pain in mr legs and hands,and lower back pain,bruises on my body,everywhere when I moved I felt like I'd shatter,blood from my leg,and that's just the beganing!

I hate my parents! Why do they always care about money, family, Robinson's and every freakin rich guy and girl in this freakin rich city?

Why does this happen to me?

Why can't I meet my ray?

I love him! His face,his way of talking, his smile that tingled me,I used to feel so happy!i was a princess And now I'm locked up here like a servant!

No,we treat our servants with nice beds to sleep on,not here on cold hard grounds with bugs!

He treated me worst then ever! On this cold floor for the rest of the night in tears missing the guy I haven't seen for four days and been beaten up because I went out side of the house for ten or five teen minutes without telling them!

He tells me I'm not a good daughter!

I've been treated like a dog! And this Is how father treats his dogs!

But he should ask himself if he's been good father?


There might be a phone in this room!?

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