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The majority of the class stared at me as I walked in, after washing my face and hands clean of blood. I had to admit, I was feeling pretty accomplished. I had a few bruises, and a split lip. I think there was also a black eye forming but apart from that, I was okay. Sam walked in with an icepack held to her nose, along with a blood soaked tissue.

"I'm gonna kill you." she muttered, dropping into her seat. I slowly slid into mine, and concentrated on the teacher. His words were just drifting away, I didn't learn a thing.

It took me five minutes to realise he was talking to me at one point. The class laughed - not with me but at me. Whenever I got a question wrong they'd call me stupid and if I ever did something they didn't like they'd be sure to call me out on it. Was this what is was like for Leo before I came? It saddened me to think of myself as Leo, abused both verbally and physically.

At lunch I went into the canteen to get a bacon panini. Of course as soon as I paid for it, another group of people walked past and knocked it from my hands. I went the rest of the day hungry, as I had no spare money and I'd only had a few bites of toast for breakfast. I was regretting not finishing that.

It was eventually the end of the last lesson. It had been pretty much hell.

When I walked in the front door, my mum questioned my black eye and bruises.

"Um, we were playing football and it hit me." I said quickly without thinking.

" didn't have PE today..." she replied suspiciously. Oops.

"We were just helping out with the lower classes. Like coaching them." I said.

"Okay...well did you have a good day back?" she asked.

"Uhm yeah, it was great."

Apart from the fact that I tried to beat someone up in the first five minutes of getting to school, I had no dinner and got shoved in walls. It was perfect.

I thought to myself.

The rest of the week wasn't much better either. In fact, it got worse.

I was in English on Thursday and my head was throbbing. My arms were covered in bruises and my legs hurt if I straightened them out. I just needed to speak to someone. Kat had been ill all week. I got out my phone under the desk and texted Charlie.

Over the days, I'd been texting Leo but he hasn't replied. Great help.

To; Charlie

Hi, are you busy?

From; Charlie

No not really, what's up?

I could always count on Charlie. He'd seemed a lot more reliable recently.

To; Charlie

I just wanna talk...its boring here

I was going to tell him about what was happening, but I figured he'd probably start worrying more than necessary. I had told him to enjoy the trip, and I was going to make sure he did.

From; Charlie

I'm just waiting for Blair and Leo to get back from KFC. They're taking forever haha

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