Somewhere far away

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"The weather is going to be hot that what the news said "

old women was sitting next to me and still talking about weather

I think I know it because I can feel it but what should I do she's old

and if I said anything I would be bad girl as everyone say.

finally the bus stop when I was getting out she said I hope you find a good man

A good man mmmmm I don't know if that will happen.

My home was far away from the bus station so I have to walk I dropped by the supermarket bought chocolate and continued my way when I saw someone looks like my relative (M) was driving he looked at me but I'm not sure if that him .

After arriving home eating and changing my uniform I looked at my Facebook page

I found a massage from my best friend rawan saying what about tomorrow's exam

I replied saying: it's going to be easy if we study .

That night I was so tired so I slept immediately when I put my head on the pillow

I saw a good dream that night but I forgot it the next morning .

As everyday I wear my uniform have my breakfast and go to school

but that day something strange happened when I was waiting for the bus

Someone strange asked me if the buses that goes to (aq) university come from here I said yes he stayed next to me waiting but I felt annoyed when the bus came because I was happy waiting next to him .

I met my friend rawan at the bus and I asked her if she know who is him

she said his name is hamza he came from Gaza to study medicine here in

west bank

His name was all I thought about that day and I slept quickly at night hopping to see him again tomorrow .

Three days later I saw him again he was wearing the clothes I thought

that he doesn't have any but my thoughts stopped when he said are you going to university next year I looked at his blue eyes saying" yes why you asking"

He replied

oh nothing just to know how old are you .

I laughed and decided to went on foot that day , I saw him everyday and every time he smiled at me my heart skipped a beat I think I like him omg what do I do?!!!

My last year at school end so the university life knocking around my first day was the worst because I had nobody there because rawan was sick that day so I lost the way to my class I opened the door everybody was shocked who is she

I was blushing I said sorry and turned out quickly when suddenly I felt like I hit

someone I opened my eyes to look at his face omg the blue eyes again he said:

"you here" I was feeling embarrassed so I went quickly from there .

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