Chapter 21 [edited]

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Bradley's POV

Rose decided to go with her. This was so obvious, but I didn't want it to accept it.

I guess Rose's Mum was right. I'm only strange guy who felt in love with a girl from the internet. I really didn't even know if Rose felt the same. Maybe it was the best time to open my eyes. Sometimes you do mistakes, but luckily, you learn of them. 

' Are you okay, honey? ', my Mum asked me.

' Uhm yeah. I'm ok.', I put a fake smile on my face to hide my real feelings. To be honest, I was deeply disappointed and sad and much more. My feelings were indicribable.  

' Oh no Bradley! I know that you feel broken. Don't blame yourself of letting her go. I think she must have some reasons to go with her mum. Look, before I married you dad, I had dated some more guys. You know that at the beginning the love to you dad was forbidden by my parents, because he was much older than me. He was 25 and I was 19 when we met.'

It was good that my mum was talking to me. Maybe Rose isn't the one. I mean, I'm only 19. I don't want to marry now and have kids and stuff. Everyone would say that I'm still mega young and that I have to forget this shit, 

Or was maybe my mum right? Maybe Rose hadn't left, because she didn't really like me. Maybe she had really some good reasons to leave me. Did she apply for college? I can't remember.

' Do you want to go inside or just stay here on the porch? ' , she asked me lovely.

' I prefer to stay here some minutes outside. . . I have to clear my mind. When Rose was stil her, I had been thinking of continuing to go to university, so could haven gone there together and have some cool "university memories", but you know that the boys and me got an offer to go on tour with McFly. Mum, I don't know what to do. On one hand I want to finish my studies and get my diploma to have a secure life, but on the other one that tour with McFly is a big opportunity for my music career. I now that being a musician is not a job and I won't be able to have a family, because I won't get paid very well. What shall I do ? '

' I would continue to go to University. You have to know what's good for yourself. As you know, you are 19 and not a little child. But whatever you decide, I will always support you in anything. ', afterwards my mum kissed my forehead before going inside again.

It was starting to rain and it felt like the earth is crying. Urgh this all sounded so cheesy and stupid. I could be the next Nicholas Sparks. Rose won't be the last girl I'm going to fall in love with, will she? No. There are so many girls in this world. They come and go. There's no need to worry.

Talking to myself was really weird which made me giggle a bit.

' Bradley?', I heard a voice which sounded very similar to Rose's. I couldn't be so crazy to imagine her voice. Or was it real? It had to be real, because I wasn't drunk or high or anything else.

Curiously and confused, I looked the way from where the voice came from.

'Rose? Is it you?', I asked her/ my imagination.

' Yeah it's me.', she said completely wet. Aww she was looking very cute now. Some moments later Rose began to tell me that she decided to follow her heart and stuff, but I couldn't pay attention. I wanted to say how happy I was, but I couldn't, because she was speaking like a waterfall. That's stood up and leaned in to kiss her.

' Please, promise me not to abandon me again, will you? ', ' whispered looking in her glassy brown eyes.

' Never. ', she smiled beautifully and embraced me. Aww I like her so much, that's crazy. Some moments ago I wasn't sure of my feelings and stuff. I'm a freak.

I put my hand in hers and we went inside.

' Mum. Guess who returned! ', I yelled grinning.My mum came with some plates in her hands to the hallway and smiled like a three year old child. I guessed, she hadn't expected her coming back.

' Ahhh!! Rose! I knew you would return! So, you decided to stay in England?', she said happily.

' Uhm yes. . . I have to bring all my stuff here and apply me for university and stuff. Hopefully I can manage all this.'

Rose wanted to talk much more but my Mum interrupted her worried: 'My dear, you are so wet! Go upstairs and take a warm shower! I don't want you to catch a cold.'

In some way how my mum treats her, reminds me to my nan. She treats me the same way.

'Don't worry with your clothes. I'm going to lend you something of my daughter', she added smiling.

While Rose was taking a shower and my Mum was preparing the guest room, I decided to call Connor to inform him and Steph that Rose is going to stay here since Steph haven't been acquirable for more than a day.



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