- Grande Academy of Art, 09.00 -

Jin Hee entered the academy gate. Her mouth turned into awe, as she saw the academy building.

Is this... A museum..? Jin Hee thought.

And she knows that this is not a museum. This is the academy that she had been wandering for.

Jin Hee just can stood there, not until a girl passed by her. The girl is not wearing the academy's uniform.

Jin Hee tapped her shoulder, "H-Hey... Are you a new student?"

"Yes, yes I am. You're new here too? Hi! My name is Kim Yoon Mi ^^" the girl who introduced herself as Yoon Mi stick her hand to Jin Hee.

"Oh Hi Yoon Mi! I'm Jin Hee. Lee Jin Hee." They shaked hand. "Okay, let's go to class!" Yoon Mi said as she smiled. "Okie dokie~!"


There are 4 figures walking inside the academy. They're all girls. About them? Let me introduce them to you. *clears throat*

Jessica Jung ([A/N] Jessica & Krystal are not siblings here.)

The leader of the group, as known as JJ, or Sica. The most beautiful voice in the academy. Her parents are legendary singers. A popular girl in school, loves to bully. Luhan's girlfriend.

Tiffany Hwang

The member of the group. Likes strawberry bubble gum. Loves to listen to the music. Always had her pink headpones hanging on her neck.

HyoHyeon Lee

The 'fighter' of the group. Likes to dance. And also love to eat snacks.

Sunny Lee

The most innocent of the group. Sometimes she didn't 'connect' to what someone's saying.

Yep that's it. Let's continue to le story~~

"Let's go to the cafeteria. I haven't eaten breakfast." Tiffany said. "Ok let's go then." Jessica replied.

- Cafeteria -

Jin Hee bought some ice cream. I hope they will like this. She thought. But when she turned, she's tripped by something.


Her ice cream is spilled on someone's shoes. She looked up, to find Jessica.

Jessica squated, "Tripped?" She asked in a calm manner.

Jin Hee nodded lightly.

"Is it hurt?" Jessica said as she smirked. "If you're walking," Jessica took a medium piece of the ice cream on her shoes, "Use your eyes." Jessica said as she put the ice cream on her hand to Jin Hee's left part of face. Then she stood up again, "Let's go guys. Gonna change my shoes." Jessica said as she and her gang walked away.

Jin Hee gaped as she cleaned her face. "Aish!!" She stood up and tapped the back of her skirt.


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