Taeyeon's POV


"Yes." My own eyes sparkled at his answer. Thank gosh he's not angry!

We chitchatted through the silent street until we reached the door of my apartment. I was about to knock when Baekhyun pulled me out of the way.

"H-hey!" I exclaimed and slapped his shoulder a little. Ugh. So rude.

"Wait. I'll check the room first. It will just take ten minutes. Okay?" Baekhyun said as he winked at me. Gosh someone's really gonna take the idea of him being a playboy.

I rolled my eyes at him and nodded. I waited on the side of my door while Baekhyun went in and checked the room.

Wait,come to think of it. I didn't even clean up my apartment! Gosh,I hope he didn't notice!

after ten minutes,Baekhyun went out and smiled at me. His smile never really fails to amuse me.

"The room's okay. So you can go in now." I sighed to the thought that reality is reality.

My life is in danger. Im guarded by a flirty bodyguard 24/7. My apartment can be mugged anytime. I can be attacked anytime. Goodness gracious this is frustrating!

"Thanks." I responded with a smile. Baekhyun held his hand out to me and escorted me through the room. I opened the lights and immediately grabbed the pillows and books that are scattering around the floor.

Geez,this is truly embarassing. My place is a mess.

After a few minutes of cleaning up,the sensation of tired back and feet waved over me.

I immediately grabbed a chair and sat on it beside the window. Baekhyun also grabbed another chair and he sat down beside me. Uhh. *awkward.*

"Umm. Hey,do you want some tea?" I immediately asked to clear the awkward atmosphere that was brewing in between us. Baekhyun laughed and responded with a nod.

"Sure,thanks." I nodded and quickly rushed to the kitchen. I grabbed two tea cups from the cabinet and a jasmine tea bag from the tea jar. I hope Baekhyun likes jasmine teas.

"Hey Taeyeon,Can I go out? I need to check out the street and the neighbors too." As I was preparing the tea,I head Baekhyun shout from the living room.

Afterall,I guess he's really doing his job right. He even want to check the neighbors out for safety measures.

"Sure. Will you be quick?" I responded back.

Instead of answering my question,I suddenly heard a quick laugh and a few footsteps coming from the living room.

I guess he went out already? Ugh. He didn't even spare a second to answer.

"Baekhyun? Are you s----"


"Yes ofcourse,I could never let my princess be alone for a long time. I'll be quick." Baekhyun suddenly appeared from nowhere and kissed me in the cheeks.

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