Chapter Four

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Her name was Catherine Chandler.

Nine years ago, her mother was killed in front of her by two Muirfield agents. I was in one of my night strolls and I happened to pass by Salty Dawg bar near the woods when I heard three or five gun shots. I ran as fast as I could and saw an older woman in medical clothes fell down and beside her, who looked like her daughter, was not able to do anything for her mother but ran. She ran through the woods trying to escape the two gun men chasing her. She tripped and fell. I was taking the right time when to attack. One of them aimed a gun and was about to shoot her. That was my cue. I was already beasted out. I charged and left no sign for those two men to be alive. Catherine stayed lying on the ground. Her forehead had a cut and was bleeding. Our eyes met. She did not scream. She just looked at me. She did not look scared either. I heard police cars approaching. I ran and left.

Why did I thought of her anyway? It had been quite a while since the last time I saw her. I used to visit her, well, followed her. Was I reminding myself of Catherine because I met a girl last night? It was nothing anyway. She just needed directions. I was positive we would no longer bump into each other. Maybe I should pay her a visit. Catherine, I mean. I hoped she still lives at the same apartment.


"Have you been following me?"

Okay. I thought she already left for the University. I turned around. "Me? No. Don't be mistaken. Maybe you are. You should be in St John's by now right? What are you still doing here?"

"Right… I am just getting the last batch of my stuff. See?" She showed me her backpack and a trolley case and carrying a box at the same time.

"You know now your way, right?" I reminded her from the first time she asked me for directions.

"Of course. Thanks to you."

I looked at the stuff she was with… "Hey, as much as I wanted to help you but…"

"Oh, no. That's okay. I'll take a cab from here. The directions from last time did help but it's difficult to take the train with these." She was pointing out her stuff. "So, it was nice seeing you again, mister. Thank you."

I smiled. "You're welcome. Goodbye." I realized I had been looking at her for several minutes as she walked away. I left when I saw her hailed and get in a cab.


Okay. Going back to my plan… I should go and pay Catherine Chandler a visit. Just a good look at her from afar would be enough.

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