Come Back?

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Violetta: What?! I didn't!

Francesca: you almost did...

Violetta: It's because he wanted 'one last kiss'. *she rolls her eyes*

Francesca: right... Another excuse! I thought we was fri... *she realises the water machine connected to Violetta* what is that?

Violetta: I've got lung cancer Francesca. *She shakes her head at what Francesca just said*

Francesca: I... Didn't know... *she looks down*

Violetta: Yeah. Oh and to top that of Alex has broke up with me. It sucks to be me.

Francesca: well you have both Leon and Diego at your feet... Hi Leon *she smiles awkwardly*

Leon: hey...

Violetta: I don't want Diego, Francesca!

Francesca: well you both laid in bed about to kiss is all over the internet...

Violetta: How can It be all over the internet, I'm not even famous!

Francesca: well it's all over the website 'YouMix'

Violetta: So now they're stalking me from a hospital bed!

Francesca: it was in your bedroom Violetta! I'm sorry about your cancer, I truly am. But what you're doing to me Violetta is hurting me

Violetta: I love Leon Francesca not Diego. You have to trust me on this one.

*Leon smiles*

Francesca: I'm sorry but I don't believe you... *she walks out of the room*

Leon: don't worry about her..

Violetta: Now I've got another problem. Francesca doesn't like me!

Leon: she does Vilu, it's just everyone thinks you've kissed Diego

Violetta: Diego's such a trouble maker *she puts her head in her hands*

Leon: can I ask you one question?

Violetta: Sure!

Leon: truthfully, do you like Diego?

Violetta: I thought I did... *she sighs*

Leon: but now?...

Violetta: I'm confused.

Leon: so that means yes?...

Violetta: I don't know. My head was getting better until you asked me this question *she puts her hand on her head*

Leon: well *he stands up* when you make up your mind then call me okay?

Violetta: Your going?..

Leon: yeah, I don't want to be in this situation much longer...

Violetta: Leave me then *she lays down*

Leon: Violetta...

Violetta: I don't care Leon, just leave *she turns around so her back is facing him, the next thing she hears is the door closing. She begins to cry, someone sits next to her on the bed*

Violetta: I told you to leave Leon! *she turns around to see Diego*

Diego: but you didn't tell me to leave *he smiles*

Violetta: Diego, get out of my bed! *she points to the door*

Diego: make me!

*Violetta stands up and walks to the door, rolling the water bag with her. She opens the door*

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