Dark Jack

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Zen: Jack you know your not alone!

Jack: oh! *embarrassed* he he sorry you had to here that...wait how come I didn't see you there?

Zen: you were staring at the window singing, and your singing was loud enough to not let you here me come in,you also have a dare.

Jack: hit me.

Zen: ok *hits Jack with a bat*

Jack: owe! I meant read the dare!

Zen: oh!...it says I dare Pitch and Jack to have a fake fight and Zen to get Jack's staff and hide and also get a similar staff and that's what Pitch will break then the lights will turn off and you have to look dark and evil.

Jack: let's do it.

*after setting things up*

Pitch: let's get this over with.

Emmetha: wait where's Brittany?

Brittany: here! and also Lia you hide and record from the left Emmetha you on the right and I'll be with Zen on the front got it!

ZenEmmeLia: got it!

*Big 8 and Young 10 come in*

Jack: *acts like he doesn't know about the plan* Pitch what are you doing here?!

Pitch: oh just fetching something important to you *shows the fake staff*

Elsa: *gasp* Jack he has your staff.

Jack: Pitch give it back!

Pitch: ok! after this! *breaks fake staff*

Jack: AHHHHHH! *pretending to be hurt*

Brittany: *communicates through Walky talky* Emmetha turn the lights off now!

Emmetha: roger that Britt*communicates back and off the lights*

Anna: what happened to the lights!

Lia:*whispers* hold still Frost just have to put a bit black make up and...done! *communicates through walky talky* now Emmetha!

Emmetha: *turns the lights on to reveal an evil Jack*

Pitch: everyone meet Jackson.

*big 8 except Jack and young 10 gasp*

Jackson: he can't be Jackson cause I'm Jackson but if he is...who am I?

Jack: hello everyone nice of you to join the party.

Ellie: d-daddy?

Jack: your dad is dead little one because I killed him!

Elsa: Jack?

Ellie: *tears in her eyes* RAAAAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!*chases Jack and keeps wacking him with a bat*

Jack: ow!ow!ow! Ellie stop it's me Jack your father it was just a dare please stop wacking me!

Ellie: d-dad!* hugs Jack*

Elsa and Jackson: Jack/dad!*hugs Jack*

ZenEmmeLiaBritt: FB TIME!*runs to the internet*

Jackson: does that mean I'm Jackson?

Jack: yes and always will be Jack's son.


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