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(...) and there he is walking in the hallway like he owned the school which he really does own, every eyes were staring at him. His girlfriend ran to him and kissed him, all the girls rolled their eyes. We all hate her, her name's Candice and we all know she's cheating on him but nobody has the courage to say it to him. Meet Tyler, the hottest,nicest,coolest, and smartest person in Richfield High. He has everything a girl wants, and almost all the guys is jelous of him. He's in almost every club in our school. But he loves Football most of all. I also swim with him in the Swimming Club and i always see him in the soccer field that is divided into girls side and boys side, but I awlways watch him in football games, he is really good. Yes I'm in the soccer and swimming varsity if you ask. We saw them walking in the hallway hand in hand ready to go to class. The bell rang and we said our goodbyes my first period is Lab (To be Continued.....)

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