Chapter 2

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     Euphemia Rose Couplet is actually very nervous inside. But she is doing a great job to put a calm facade specially with Oscar whom she rudely cut off awhile ago. She thinks her new classmates got a bad impression of her because of what she did. She apologized to Oscar quite shaking as she did before sitting beside Mary Herder. The scene awhile ago still bugging her.

     Mary Herder is a kind and shy girl who wears thick rounded eye glasses giving her a dork look. She offered Rose her schedule for their classes. Rose give her a grateful smile.

"Thanks, Mary" Rose said in gratitude with a smile.

"Anytime" Mary smiled back.

"Umm... Mary, May I ask?" the question made Mary blush in embarrassment.

"Sorry... My writing is illegible." Mary said shyly. Rose almost didn't understand what Mary just said because frankly she didn't hear the last part.

"Oh... No... Not that Mary" Rose clarified. "I assure you your writing is very legible." The shy girl sighed in relief. Rose then whispered. "Can you tell me who is that brunette at the back?"

"Which?" Mary asked as she look at the back of the class. "There is Robin Adams at the second row and Freidrich Bach at the far back." Rose nod in understanding. Her eyes linger for awhile on a certain Robin Adams as she felt the weight of small metal.

     Later that day Rose saw Robin in the school's garden where she ended up after losing Ms. Hutton on their way to the classroom. She saw him closed eyes and looks like asleep as she sits under a tree. He isn't sleeping, she concluded. His back is straight as he sits and his brows curl and his lips curve into smile once in a while. He was clearly thinking something only him knew. Weirdly she found it adorably cute.

     Then came lunchtime. Rose followed Mary everywhere. The other girl doesn't mind at all. She told her she'll love some company. 

"I mean I'm never been close to anyone in the class" Mary said. As they occupy the empty table at the far back of the cafeteria, Amy with an excited smile walked to their table along with Alice and started interviewing Rose.

"So, why did you transfer?" Amy asked.

"Well... My family and I were living in Shellyby coast for almost ..."  Rose momentarily stopped and count mentally. "Eight? or nine years something. Then my mom suddenly suggested we move here in Neo Sotta. She told me she missed the fresh morning air here in their hometown so after a few persuasions from me and my mom, dad  finally said yes." The three girls nod in understanding and made no move to ask anything so Rose continued.

"Dad said his works calls for him here anyway so he finally agreed not because of our silly persuasions of mom."

"Why, what persuasions did you do to him?" asked Alice in slightly curious manner.

"Well we give him a lots of beer while constantly reminding about moving here and..."

     Three tables away from the girls, Troy and his fellow team mates in basketball along with Robin are talking about a certain Rose from afar.

"She's very pretty, isn't she?" John Marx noted while eyeing the said girl across them. He received a series of nods of agreements. Someone whistled making most of the boys laugh. "I admit I want to date her."

"Me too." Mike Livingston whispered to himself but most of them hear. Few other guys admitted they wanted to date her too. It isn't long hearts start to flew everywhere to Rose. John, being a quick thinker, thought of an idea.

"Okay guys listen up!" he said as he stand in front of the gang. "At tomorrow's practice game let's have a contest. The one who will get the highest count of baskets will have the whole group's support in courting Rose. All of us will help the winner have special moments or good chances to hit Rose. Like locking the two of you in Gymnasium alone, plan special dates or buy good gifts etc... etc..."

"Count me in" Mike said confidently. Then there was a series of sign ups for the contest.

"I will try. A good chance shout never be left unappreciated" Aldrin Lisbon said poetically. He is Amy's twin brother.

     Robin know Troy want to join too. So he wondered what is stopping the boy.

"Troy, buddy, join this little game of ours!" John invited. "Your'e a sure win." Troy didn't answer back and pretend he didn't heard.

"Come on Troy join them. What is stopping you?" Robin asked. "What is stopping you?"

"Well... I got the feeling you might want her too" Troy replied. That got Robin but he quickly masked it.

"Maybe" Robin replied. "Maybe not." Troy take it as an approval

"Count me in."

     With the help Mary and Alice, Rose went through her first day successfully. Teachers are asking different questions, testing Rose intellect. Mary's notes are the most helpful. Amy on the other hand help Rose get to know almost everyone in the school. The bubbly girl is very friendly that she even know the other students in other in schools.

     Amy's popularity brought Rose in the spotlight of the faculty members and other students. Rose couldn't say she doesn't like attention because she never really wish for it. But some people like Cassy Maude do not like her.

     Mary is walking Rose out from the school. Apparently Rose has a poor sense of direction.

"Thank You Mary! I wouldn't ever come out from here if gone home." Rose said.

"No problem.'Mary said quite silently. Then someone push Rose. Mary, in her best act of defiance, came to Rose defense. It is Cassy standing in front of them. Her face is written with pure hate and anger.

"Get lost..." she said coldly before walking away from Rose who quickly stood up.

"What's her problem?" Rose asked. Mary didn't answer.

     Her question was answered by Ms. Hutton who walk up to her and hand her a musical script.

"What is this?" Rose asked. While looking over a script for a winter musical play.

"A script." Ms. Hutton replied like it is the most obvious answer.


"I think this can help you get started here in Evergreen, to gain friends and even find good guys!" Ms. Hutton said excitedly. Rose smiled. She is just so dumbfounded that moment. 

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