Ch 3.

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*Taylor's POV*


•aye shawty where you at?! yeah yeah we be Rollin all up in it go out to the city racking up more and more each night, about to-• I shut off my alarm on my phone playing my favorite song. Today was the day I was gonna meet THE Brent Rivera. I still can't believe it! "MOM WAKE UPPP!" I shouted as I ran through the house getting everything ready for today. "Taylor why are you up so early?We don't have to leave for another 6 hours?!" The meet was at 11:00am today and as of right now it was 5am. I laughed a little thinking to myself, on a usual day I !don't get up until 11 or 12. But here I was at five o'clock in the morning. "Well it STARTS at 11 we have to be there early or we will be waiting in line for hours!" I said back to her. First I took a shower, I took my time in there. Then I blow dried my hair and straitened it. I did my usual makeup but instead of just the eyeliner, I did a smokey eye with it. I wore grey high waisted denim shorts with a galaxy crop top, and neon orange vans. By the time we were both ready it was 6:15. We didn't want to wait in lines forever so we decided we would leave at seven. I ate breakfast checked twitter and Instagram. And I looked up to see what time it was and the clock said 6:58. "MOM LETS GO!" I yelled from the kitchen part of the room. "OK". Before I knew it we were in line to meet everyone and I was especially excised to meet Brent.

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