Chapter Thirty One

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"Malik, let's check the cameras, you know it's a hospital and hospitals have security cameras for sure, so all we have to do is check them," Leo said and Malik smirked.

"Good job, dude! Let's go there, but I don't trust that Derek guy so don't tell him," Malik said. He couldn't believe him after he had been saying all of that about Brianna. It was either he was really weak or he was trying to weaken Malik. At least, those were what Malik's mind told him.

"Why?! He is Brianna's brother," Leo said as they were going out of the car.

"I don't care about that," Malik said. They both walked to the reception and asked the guy there to take them to the cameras room.

"I am sorry, but I can't. I can take you to the management office and there you can ask for permission," he said and we both nodded. We went after him as he walked in the corredores.

"Good thing, it's a guy and not that stupid nurse. Her father told me about how Brianna grew angry when you talked to that nurse. Brianna would be really angry if she knew you had to talk to her to save her," Leo said trying to lighten the mood.

Malik rolled his eyes and then Leo said,"I can't believe that you actually thought that she left you. Dude, Brianna is the jealous kind but she always managed to hide it. You told me before that she used to get jealous when you complemented a girl but she never told you."

"Yeah," Malik said.

"Yet you still believed she loved you, and when she made it obvious that she gets jealous when a nurse just looks at you, you doubt her love. Dude, I really need to know, your way of thinking," Leo said and chuckled.

Malik could now see how stupid he was. Brianna was his even she knew all about it. He loved her and she loved him. He claimed her as his and she did the same but her own way. She wouldn't leave him like that. At least not after the scene with the nurse. She was his and she knew it.

"I wasn't just thinking straight," Malik admitted. He wasn't used to that but it was okay. It wasn't an enemy he was saying that to. It was Leo, his friend.

"Here you go," the receptionist said and then stopped. They stopped behind him and knocked on the door.

"Who is there?!" a feminine voice said and Malik mentally face palmed. He couldn't just talk with any woman at that moment. He would just think about his woman and how bad he was to her when he doubted her. He had to apologize to her, even when she didn't even know he did something as bad as that.

"My lady, two men want to talk to you," the guy said and then the lady said, "Let them in!"

The receptionist opened the door and Leo thanked him for that. Malik wasn't nice enough to and wasn't in the right mind to either.

When they walked in, they saw the same fucking nurse that Brianna hated. She was sitting next to a woman who looked in her thirties. Malik sighed as he knew he had to deal with that nurse, especially that Brianna wasn't there. Girls can get really clingy when his girl wasn't right next to him and he hated that. He wasn't a cheater and he would never think about it.

"Good morning!" Leo said and took a seat. Malik took a seat as well but he didn't bother was greetings the only thing on his mind was his sweet beloved who was probably calling for him but he never heard.

"I need to watch the cameras," he directly said. The lady's eyes widened but then said," and why is that, sir?!"

"We need to check if his girlfriend is safe. She left in the morning and we wanted to check if someone took her or not," Leo said.

"Can you hear yourself?! This is a hospital. People don't get kidnapped around here," the lady said knowing nothing about the guy who was losing his sanity because his beloved wasn't in sight.

"Look, you better cut the chase and let us see it. We don't want trouble and I know you don't either," Malik warned planning for his next move.

"What would you do?!" the manager asked with a smirk thinking that he was just a boy playing around, but Malik sure was no boy, and he sure wasn't playing around.

He took his guy out and pointed it at her. He smirked and rolled his eyes and then said, "What about now?!"

"Malik, calm down! This is a hospital," Leo said but Malik didn't bother listening or replying. He looked at the lady in the eyes challenging her to say anything apart from what he wanted her to say.

"I will call the police," The nurse said but Malik made no move to pull back or anything.

"Wait!" the lady said and the nurse nodded and put her phone down.

"She is calling the police," the lady said but Malik didn't show any sign of defeat.

"Do I seem to care?!" he asked with a smirk.

"What do you want exactly?!" she asked.

"I am sure he already put my request on your table," Malik said.

"Do you love her?!" she asked Malik.

"If I don't then why am I doing all of that?!" Malik replied. His love for Brianna was way more that he or she thought and he didn't bother admitting. Some believed that it was weakness but Brianna was his strength and weakness all at once.

"Fine, I am taking you," the lady said. Malik here reminded her of someone close to her. He was ready to do everything for her. She was a lady so her emotions got the best of her and she stood up.

"If you called the police, you are fired," the lady warned and then signed for the two men to follow her. Leo was actually surprised about the way things have gone but he was glad. However, Malik didn't care about all of that. He just wished to be next to his beloved and only then he would start thinking about the way things have been going.

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