(Taylor Caniff)

i was too busy drooling over the house i didnt notice someone was standing infront of us. "Lily?" i voice said. i looked up and it was young lady. she was beautiful and looked like lily. "yeah mum?" Lily whipered, barely couldnt hear her...does she talk to her mother like that too?

"how was school today and who is this?" she asked smiling while she looked at me. "uhm school was fine, and this is Taylor. we have a project to do together" she muttered. "Well hi Taylor im Jennifer, Lillians mother" she said pulling me into a hug. this kinda shocked me because i dont have affection like this shown to me. it felt nice...like a motherly hug. "hi Jennifer" i breathed out.

she smiled as she pulled away and turned to Lily who was lost in her though. "Lily?" she said. she continued looking at the floor not responding. "Lillian sweetie?" she said this time laying her hand on lily's shoulder. She flinched and moved back. her mother just stared at her daughter blankly. "you dont have any bruises today" she said with a half smile. Lily just nodded. "Thank god" jennifer whispered on the verge of tears. i admit i almost felt guilty, but note the key word Almost.

she kissed her cheek and turned to me. "i gonna make you some food, Taylor do you want to eat with with us?" she asked me. "That would be great, thank you" i said with a smile. "what about you lily?" she asked her. "No mom, but thanks. i ate right before i came here" she whispered making me look weirdly at her, i dont remember her going anywhere to eat.  Jennifers smile fell. "just a little bit" her mother said. lily shook her head. " no thanks im not hungry" she whispered. her mother just signed. saying ' you always say that' under her breath

"Okay im gonna let you guys work on your project" she said walking in the kitchen. "Follow me" lily whispered taking me upstairs. we had to walk through a long ass hallway before we stopped infront of her door. she opened the door and all i did was looking around in her room in amusement. her room wasnt a girly room, she had that kind of a room boys and girls could have. white colors combinated with black. a huge queen size bed in the middle of the room. And in the right of the room it was a sofa corner and on the left side it was a closet...i think? this room was honestly pure sexiness. how can this worthless piece of shit have all this stuff? she doesnt even deserve it,

"Make yourself comfortable and use anything you want" she spoke quitly. "i was going to anyway" i said as i jumped on her bed. god this bed was comfortable. "im just gonna change" she whispered getting up. i was curious so i followed her. she opened a door and walking in and i walking in after her. "Holy fuck" i said quitly as i looked around. she have a fucking walk in closet. on one wall she had thousands different vans, beanies and a lot of clothes. she was just standing there looking. "bitch what are you looking at?" i spat making her stiffen up. "im gonna change, can you please go out" she whispered. "its not like i wanna see your disguesting body anyway" i said as i walked out.

few minutes later she came out wearing a sweat pants and a huge hoodie and her hair and in a messy bun. wow she looked actually cute. wait what the fuck? did i just think that? no she is a ugly, nothing but ugly.

she got her backpack and sat on her bed with her legs crossed like indian style. "are you gonna do anything?" she asked. "No, youre gonna do the whole work and give me credit for it, got it?" i spat in annoyance making her nod and start writing. after 15 minutes i was getting impatient "how long left on the project?" i asked her. "uhm this may need few more weeks" she spoke in hesitantly. "what?" i shouted making her jump a bit and scoot over to the corner of the bed in fear. i stood up and walked up to her. "Cant you write any faster?" i shouted again slapping her across the face hard making making her head hit the bedside. "i'll try Taylor" she whispered. "good, you better or else" i warned as i was about to throw a punch in her face i got interupped by a knock on the door.

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