"Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you". - Unknown


I walked into the stingy apartment and already smelt the cigarettes. I knew this would be easy, but really?

Earl stood behind me and smiled as he slapped my arse. He was lucky I didn't shoot the bastard then. Instead I turned around and pulled him closer with his tie.

Earl seemed thrilled by this and decided to sit down on the foul couch.

I bent down so my body was placed between his legs.

"Girl you are going to enjoy today" He whispered.

"I bet I will" I said seductively before reaching into my boot pockets and quietly taking out two 6 inch blades.

"Go ahead darling" He murmured closing his eyes.

"Alright dickhead" I laughed as I stabed the two knives into his upper thighs

Pain shoot through his body and he screamed.

"Right now you are probably thinking: What the fuck? So much pain, Why? Etc." I said getting up and pacing in front of him.

"You fucking bitch." He screamed. "Why the god dammed fuck are you doing this?"

"Because Mr. Earl Thomas Simpson, aged 45. Wife's name: Janelle. Two kids, Ronnie and Blane . You have been a very bad man" I replied releasing my bits of information.

"I'm sorry I cheated ok? Can you tell Janelle to forgive me?" He begged trying to pull out the knives.

"I'm not here on behalf of Janelle. I'm here on behalf of the President of America" I replied smirk at the pain he was in.

"Oh shit." He yelled. "Help! Help! Somebody help me please!"

"Nobody can help you, idiot. I have already taken care of the area." I laughed.

"I swear when this is over I am going to kill you." He promised.

"Lets see you try." I smiled.

"I know what you look like." He argued.

Yet, you will be dead.

"Mr. Simpson." I sighed. "Tell me where the information is and we can make this easy"

"I won't tell you anything." He grinned trying to hide the pain.

"Hard way it is then." I sighed.

Earl wasn't a very attractive person to be honest. He was fat, hairy and had a large ego.

I took off my leather jacket revealing a black singlet with weapons strapped to me and gun holsters. Earl's eyes went wide when I reached into my bag and pulled out a series of throwing knives.

I took out some rope out of my bag and advanced towards him.

After a few screams from Earl, I managed to tie the rope around his neck.

Earl whimpered as I pulled on the rope.

"Now, tell me where the information is." I instructed softly pulling on the rope.

"I will not tell you." He gulped.

I pulled on the rope harder.

"Where is it!" I yelled.

"Never." He gasped.

I grabbed the two knives in his thighs and twisted.

I got a satisfactory howl out of the bastard before releasing the pressure of the rope slightly.

"Have anything to say?" I asked innocently.

"No." He whimpered.

Sighing, I grabbed two more knives and stabbed them just behind the other two.

Oh how his screams are satisfying.

"Ok, ok! I will tell you! please stop!" He cried.


"Go on." I said after grabbing another knife and playing with it between my fingers.

"I...I printed ev..Everything off, it...It's all in the b..Black folder o..Over there." He stuttered pointing towards the kitchen.

I got up and walked to the kitchen and found the folder. Searching through it I found everything I came for.

"See Mr. Simpson, it wasn't so hard." I smiled untying the rope from around his neck.

"Can you take me to the hospital?" He asked wincing at the pain in his legs.

"Mr. Simpson I am afraid not. I am going to kill you now." I shrugged.

The look on his face was priceless, as I took out the largest knife in my collection. An entire 13 inches of stainless steel, The Beast, as I liked to call her.

Earl started to cry, Perfect.

"But..But." He stammered.

"Goodbye." I smiled.

As quick lightening I slashed his throat. His eyes widened then the blood started to seep out and he made my favourite sound, the blood gargle.

When I knew he was dead I closed his eyes before taking the knives out of his legs, all except for one which I saved for the mark.

The mark was the my way of telling the F.B.I or Detectives that this was an assassins doing.

I bent over his limp body and carved the swirls into his forehead before packing away my weapons.

I heard a buzzing noise and wondered what it was, before realising it was my phone.

"Speak." I snapped.

"Miss Johnson." Said a perky voice, very fake.

I rolled my eyes and continued with my packing.

"What do you want Blondie" I said. Blondie, AKA Annabella Chris, is the blonde perky cheerleader-type bitch that just happens to be working for my boss. Which is pretty much the entire population of the White House, except the tourists.

"The President requests your appearance immediately." She huffed.

"Well you can tell Greg to wait, ok?" I replied faking a happy voice "I gotta travel back from a job."

"Did you not hear me? He wants you here now!" She hissed.

"Did you not here me, bitch. I said I will have to travel back from a job." I snapped back.

I heard some mumbles in the background, before a rustle from the other end.

"Koda, it's Greg" Said a husky voice.

"Hey Greg. I know you want to talk to me as soon as possible, but I am just about to head off now." I replied happily.

"Ok. But listen Koda, please try to refrain yourself from murdering my assistant" He laughed.

"No promises." I smiled as I swung my bag over my shoulder.

Greg hung up and I left the room blowing a kiss smugly to Earl.

A/N: Hi, the picture on the side is what Dakoda-Rhys looks like.

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