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~Ed POV~

What the hell was that?

Why did she kiss me? I wanted to talk to her about the fact that I might be gay and she kissed me. How on Earth did she get it into her head that I wanted to talk about me and her? There is no me and her, not in that way! I've known her for so long and since we were so young, she's like a sister to me. That was about as weird as it would be if Al had kissed me.

Al. Shit.

I can't believe he walked in while she was attacking me. What's he going to think now?

I sigh. This is all such a mess. I guess I should probably go downstairs and tell Al what really happened before Winry tells him something that's not true... I'm just so surprised. This isn't like Winry at all.

I quietly go downstairs. I see Al and Winry at the table, and linger on the stairs to hear what Winry's telling him.

"He said he had to talk to me about something," she says in a tearful voice, "I've had a crush on him for so long now and I thought he felt the same and he wanted to tell me. So I just kissed him, without really thinking. I didn't expect him to be so angry about it."

"It's okay," my little brother soothes, "he'll understand once he's calmed down."

I am stunned by what I've just heard. Winry has a crush on me?! Suddenly I remember last night (was it really only last night? It seems like forever ago) when I was saying that I didn't have a girlfriend. I saw her flush bright red. Another memory jumps out at me, when she hugged us at the train station she hugged me quite a bit longer than Al. All of a sudden I see signs everywhere, in all of my recent memories of her. How was I so stupid to miss them?

Winry is on the verge of tears now, and although Al is doing his best to comfort her, he's not brilliant at it.

I go into the kitchen.

"It's okay, Winry," I reassure her, "it was my fault for not noticing you had a crush on me when it was so glaringly obvious. And of course you were going to jump to that conclusion when I said I had to talk to you. I'm sorry I reacted badly, I just wasn't expecting it."

She sniffs, the kind of sniff you do when you've just about managed not to cry. "It's okay, Ed. I'm sorry too. I should have let you keep talking."

I smile and hug her.

"Speaking of that, Ed, what did you want to talk to me about?"



Hi guys! Aww, I'm glad they made up. But will Ed tell Winry about Roy?? With Al there too?? It's finally starting to get interesting haha. Please vote/comment, comments are especially appreciated. Bye for now!


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