It had been about a week since that night with Chris our relationship had only gotten stronger, and I had told dad about us dating which he responded by saying 'I told you so!' And 'I'm proud you chose him' when in reality I didn't it just happened. Dave was getting out of the hospital today so that meant I'd be back to patrolling with kickass instead of Red Mist, which really bummed me out I felt so much happier with him, but I'd never tell Dave that.

During school I sat with Marty and Todd and the two most nasty bitches I'd ever met..Katie and Erika... Dave had a thing for Katie and I think they were secretly dating I mean come on it was rather obvious but yet they still stayed adamant that they weren't together, I couldn't care less I was just worried about me and Chris.

I had agreed to walk with Dave in the park just to catch up and talk about superhero things.

After sitting on the bench for like 30 minutes I finally seen him riding his bike over to the bike rack, poor kid even just getting out of the hospital and he still couldn't catch a break

"Hey Dave! You're looking better" considering the fact that he had more metal in his body then anything and his nerves were tore to shit "hey Kamryn" we began walking and discussing my patrolling "well I've been patrolling with Red Most whose a great guy by the way" he nodded "are we still patrolling together or?" He thought I replaced him? "Yeah if you want to" he paused "well I still want to but I need to talk to you..something important" I stopped walking "okay..go ahead"I gestured him to go ahead with my hands "well I heard you started dating Chris while I was in the hospital" I nodded "well I just think you shouldn't.. I mean he's not a good person at least his dad isn't his whole family is shady as fuck" I stopped him right there "don't talk about him like that! You know you've been against me in the beginning becoming friends with him! I sure as hell didn't listen to you then and look at me I'm happier than ever! You know Dave jealousy isn't attractive so go fuck Katie and leave me the hell alone!" I shouted as I stormed off I heard him yelling for me to come back

I got into my car and drove to a near parking lot so Dave wouldn't be able to find me and I sat there I called the first person I could think of there was a lot I needed to talk about I was done with keeping secrets! So I dialed Chris's number and listened to it ring, after the third ring he answered "hey kam whats up?" I tried to keep myself together "hey I need to talk to you can I come over?" I heard him exhale "sure I'll be waiting" we said we loved each other than hung up. I drove as fast as the speed limit would allow.

As I got to his house I began getting nervous but as soon as I got a missed call from Dave I decided I had to do it. I knocked on his door hopping he'd be the one to answer but instead Angie answered "hey Kamryn!" I really wasn't in the mood for chatting but I tried to stay on her good side, I did take her sons virginity after all but she didn't need to know that "hi Angie, your looking beautiful as always" she smiled and laughed a little "thank you doll, are you here to see chris?" No I'm here to just give you fake compliments "yeah I am actually" she opened the door all the way open for me as I walked in I seen Chris coming down the stairs "hey you needed to talk?" I nodded as he led me to his room.

As we walked in I sat down on his bed "so what do you need to say?" I didn't know how or where to start "your breaking up with me aren't you?" I snapped my head up to look at him "what!? No! I love you Chris!" He looked a little relieved "then what is it?" He was just leaning against his wall waiting for me to say something but I was still fighting a war inside my head trying to decide wether or not to tell him "you can tell me I swear I won't be mad" I decided then I had to tell him but I choked and couldn't do it

I decided to just play it off as The situation with Dave and only that "it's just that, well Dave doesn't want us together and I don't know why!" He looked a little hurt but relieved completely "does it matter what Dave wants?" I shook my head no "I just thought you should know" he came and sat down beside me "I don't care what anyone thinks I love you and I'm with you for as long as you love me" I smiled and hugged him "then I hope your ready for forever" we sat hugged and cuddled against each other until I got a text from my dad telling me supper was almost ready and to get home

So I kissed Chris and walked myself out, driving home completely pissed at myself that I didn't tell him.

At dinner we all sat in silence dad was actually eating with us which made me hopeful of change "so Kamryn, how was your day?" Dad asked I loved that dad was here with us but I really didn't feel up to answering any questions if he really wanted to know them he'd quit his job and get a low paying one that had flexible hours "I'm just not feeling good, may I be excused?" My dad got a depressed look on his face and Carter and mom actually looked at me as if they were worried about me. I got up and went to my room

I decided not to go on patrol today and I just laid in my bed crying I was sick of Dave being a douche I was sad I gave my virginity away before marriage I was tired of being Dark Infinity.

I was about to fall asleep when there was a tap on my window I rolled over to investigate to see HitGirl outside, I got up and let her in "hey HitGirl" she climbed in my room "Hey, I heard you and kickass got into a fight" I nodded "well cheer the hell up" I smiled "thanks HitGirl" she nodded "you should forgive him, he's not a bad kid he's just a dumbass every once I a while" I couldn't help but laugh at that one "well I got to go Big daddy is waiting for me" I gave her a two finger salute then went to back to bed.

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