Chapter 8

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*Tegans POV*

I woke up to arms around me and after a few seconds realised that it was Kaleb. I felt kind of awkward because I was awake and he was still asleep and the position I was in made me feel like I was making him uncompfortable but then after a while it was nice. It almost felt like I belonged somewhere for once. Which brought me to another thought, my mother. I wonder how long her and her "temp-boyfrend" will last. I say temp-boyfriend (short for temporary) because all her boyfriends are always just short term things so I try not get to attached to where ever we move, but I could get used to this. To Kaleb holding me so tight, and I don't want my stupid mum to ruin it. Although she seems pretty happy at the moment, maybe I'm just over thinking things. *beep beep*

That's wierd? I never get texts at this time in the morning? I turn around to find my phone lying on the ground. I stretch to grab it and find that it was Taylor that texted me.

Taylor: Hey are you busy? I really need to talk to you.

I replied straight away.

Me: Yes I'm busy.

I rolled my eyes at my phone before chucking it to the single couch and slowly slipping out of Kalebs arms, he didn't wake up which was a relief because I look like absolute shit in the morning and I don't want him to see me like this. I grab my phone and see that taylor texted again.

Taylor: You can't avoid me forever, I need to sort things out and your making it dificult.

Me making it dificult? Please he can shove his dificult where the sun don't shine.

I go check if my mum was home and surely enough she wasn't, must have stayed at the bae's house. Typical. I run to my room and change from my shorts and singlet to some trakies, ugg boots and a white hollow out t-shirt. I wrapped my hair in a messy bun and returned to the living room. Kaleb was still asleep so I go to the kitchen and get some cereal. It took a few episodes for Kaleb to finally get up and god his morning voice was so fucking hot!

"Morning faggot" I say with a smirk on my face.

"What's for breakfast? Thought I was getting that in bed" He said.

I threw a pillow at him and he gave me a cute smile. After a while he got and joined me with some cereal and we decided since it was nice out that we would go to the beach. He went home and by now it was 12.30 and we were leaving at 1 so I had to get ready quite fast.

*Kalebs POV*

I left Tegans house and walked home. I was still kind of tired but the beach seemed like a pretty good idea so I agreed. I got home and Taylor and Eva were sitting on the couch just watching TV.

"Hey wanna come to the beach today?" Taylor asked out of absolute nowhere.

Are you kidding me? It was as if he was at Tegans house when we planned to go. That was really trippy. I kind stood there for ages wondering what I should say and when I realised how long they were staring at me for I quickly laughed like a dick head and finally replied.

"Sure! Me and Tegan were thinking of going at one-ish, are you keen or na?" I said really quick. I was nervous to what he was going to reply but he seemed pretty alright with it and that made me happy. I rang Tegan and she was anxious at the start but agreed to it in the end.


*Taylors POV*

So we didn't end up leaving at one more like one forty five because Eva took so long to get ready and Kaleb was texting Tegan and apparently she wasn't ready either. I don't know what they need so muh time for? THere not packing to go to Hawaii. Kaleb came in to the living room and said he was going to get Tegan from nextdoor. He pulled me away from Eva.

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