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After school that day kathlyn awaited her mom on the steps in front of the school, thinking about the video then all of a sudden a car pulled up in front of her

starlet: (she rolled the windows down from the back seat) get in we're going to my house
kathlyn: ( kathlyn got into the car then to her surprise star's mom was not the driver, just two strange men in mask) where is your mom, star OMG OMG I know what you're trying to do you can't kill me
Starlet: RELAX BITCH just give me the video and we're done here
kathlyn: uhh I don't have a video.. what video?? ( she tried to open the car door while It was driving but it was locked ) starlet me out
starlet: not until I get my video you backstabbing bitch
kathlyn: what??
starletshh, shut up, you know if you think this is going to make khris wants you, it won't, you know why?? cuz I've got him wrapped around my little finger (puts up pinky then pulled on kathlyn's hair) now give me the f****** video
kathlyn: star I don't know what you are talking about (then suddenly the car came to a stop)
starlet: well time's up, you had your chance, I was really hoping It wouldn't have to reach to this but you forced my hand (she pulled the duck tape from the front seat then taped it over Kathlyn's mouth then she blindfolded her and took her into the house)

inside the house ....

starlet: ( star pulled the blindfolds off when they got inside the house) get her phone from out of her pocket
Man 1: (  he searched for it) here you go star
starlet: (she played the video) how cute lol (then she deleted it and handed her back the phone) ok do whatever with the little bitch then let her go , I guarantee she won't tell (she kneeled down and whispered into kathlyn's ear) remember your fingerprints are on the knife... If I go down you go with me lol (kissed her on the cheek) bye babe.. Enjoy the following (star left)

kathlyn tried to scream but the duck tape kept it in

man 2: well well well, what do we have here.... A stubborn bitch (kathlyn started crying)
man 1: (wiped her eyes) Don't Cry little virgin girl this will only hurt alot hahaha ha ( he pulled his belt buckle and pulled down his pants while "man 2" held kathlyn down )

she tried to scream and fight her way out but couldn't

He took his penis out and forced it into kathlyn ....she tried to scream but "man 2" turned on the stereo and turned up the volume to maximum

tears fell from her eyes and down to her cheeks

then "man 1" pulled up his pants and held her down while "man 2" took out his penis and fucked kathlyn even harder

when they were finally done they blindfolded her once more , took her back to the car and dropped her off at star's house

man1: you never forget your first
man 2: or your second lol (they drove off)

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