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Caitlin's POV


Could it be that i have found an angel,

I can see heaven in your eyes, in my soul

I'll never ever be lonely

for there will be an angel by my side ....

"Hey  pretty lady.."

What the ..

"What's up with you Mr. Antonio?"

Ahaha akala mo ha..

"Don't you ever call me again by that name Kate.. you know it sucks eeeewww."

"Then wag mo rin akong kausapin gamit yang baritono mong boses lalo na sa phone you know, it also sucks (eeewwww).. ahaha"

"K fine" I bet ganitong-ganito na ngayon yung face niya "-_-.

By the way siya nga pala si Antonio este Annie pala

, my so called bestie since elementary. Isa siya sa talagang nakakakilala sakin cause not all things about any individual that you could see from the outside wasn't real .. tell me i'm wrong if it is but i bet you can't because there's no one who can't be plastic especially when they always do.

"Are you on your way bessie?" -Annie

"Yup" - Me

"Excited?" - Annie

"When did I?"

Call me KJ but its just that i'm already used to it .. kung by year ba naman eh iba-iba yung classmates mo but since the curriculum states that students in the special science class were supposed to be ranked generally every year and selected on what their section would be according to their ranks, so be it.

"Oh c'mon, just a little?" - Annie

"A little"

"Gotcha!! haha" - Annie

Who would thought that for my three years in special science class, I've been always in control, I don't let anyone to stop me from persuing my dreams or could interfere to my relationship between my friends or my family..  until  in an unexpected time and place, i met this someone that i didn't expect could change the way my life goes and has the power to break the wall that is blocking my way to see how beautiful our world truly is..

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