Tristan Imagine.

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For: Gwen_evansss (a.k.a Gwen)

Tristan's P.O.V

I can still remember the day she told me she was pregnant. It was the happiest day of my life. And now we're here in the hospital waiting for our babies to be born. Yes... Babies. We're having twins. I can't wait to hold them.

For the past few weeks I've been trying to think what it would be like to be holding my own children in my arms but it just seems so weird and now it's actually happening.

I'm going to be a daddy.

Every time I think of that I can't stop myself from smiling. But I'd do anything to take the pain that Gwen is going through right now. It must be unbearable for her and I hate to see her in so much pain.


A long six hours later and our baby girl and baby boy is born. We haven't decided on names yet but we decided to wait until Gwen is feeling a lot better and stronger until we start choosing any names.

They're just so small and I can't put them down. I love them already and I'm so proud of  Gwen for going through all the pain because she's made me the happiest man alive.

I've already posted plenty of pictures of the babies and lots of selfies with them and put them on Twitter and Instagram. They're so cute and I can't wait to take them home. Me and Gwen and our two children are going to be so happy together and I can't wait to watch them grow up.

It took Gwen a few days to fully recover in hospital but she needed the rest and I loved every second of taking care of them.

We're finally allowed to go home and carry on being our cute little family in the comfort of our own home.

The three o'clock feedings are a pain but I just love spending time with them even if it does mean I don't sleep and look awful. I love it when me and Gwen sit on the sofa next to each other with a baby each in our arms. All of our families, friends and the rest of the band have been round already and seen them. The twins have both got little baby grows with The Vamps' logo on and they just look adorable when they wear them.

The twins have brought me and Gwen so much closer together and I love her even more (if that's even possible). They're quickly growing up and it just seems like two seconds ago that I held them for the first time. Every time I look at our children, it leaves me thinking...

Will the twins have any other brothers or sisters?


Gwen_evansss  I know you've been waiting the longest but I've finally done it!!!!

Katie xxx

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