Chapter 8

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I am hiding in a window in the library, hands over my mouth to stop my giggles. Thankfully, I do not need to have my bag or breather. I am getting to the point where I can spend three or four hours without them. It is very liberating. I peek out from behind the curtain as Loki walks past me, and he winks over his shoulder at me.

"Miss me?" A voice whispers in my ear, and a hand covers my mouth. I jump, and I turn to Loki's grinning face. I look back at the other Loki, who is still walking down the hall. One hand over my heart, I lightly punch him in the shoulder.

"You scared me!" He chuckles, and I feel his chest vibrate. He leans forward, and his cheek brushes mine.

"I am truly sorry. Will you ever be able to forgive me?" My brain goes into a flurry at his closeness. I am enveloped by his arms as he holds me to him. His cologne surrounds me, and it makes me dizzy. It smells like leather and pine, with some cinnamon.

"Do you wear cologne?" I blurt out, trying to distract him, and I then cover my mouth. Stupid, stupid, why did I say that? He looks slightly surprised at my question, and then he smirks.

"Yes, I do. Why are you asking? Are you nervous?" I open my mouth to retort, but he covers my mouth again.

"Found you Thor!!!" Rika's voice echoes through the whole palace. Loki chuckles while I giggle.

"NOW ALL WHO REMAIN TO BE FOUND ARE LOKI AND CLAIRE!" Thor booms. Let me explain what is going on here. Rika had been here for two days now, and was bored. Loki, Rika, and I started talking about games to play because she was bored, and I wanted Loki to take a break from his studies. We decided on hide and seek, and well, one thing led to another and now Thor, Sif, Fandril, Hogan, Volstagg, Rika, Loki, and I are all playing. We have played several games, and there has been one thing established.

"Thor is not very good at hiding is he?" Loki whispers, reading my thoughts. I shake my head.

"No he is not. I'm surprised that he wasn't found first again." Thor seemed to think that he could fit into anything, and this often resulted in horrible hiding places.

"Loki, Claire." RIka chants, her footsteps getting closer.

"She's going to find us." I whisper to Loki.

"Then we are the winners, and you never answered my question." I try to sound confused.

"What question would that be?" I cross my fingers, hoping that he doesn't hear that I am faking it.

"I guess I just have to refresh your memory." He moves his mouth to my ear. He is behind me, and he has both my hands pinned in his.

"I asked if I made you nervous." Involuntarily I shiver, and my breath catches in my throat.

"No." My voice comes out breathless, and I wonder at myself. What is it about him that makes me like this? He chuckles, and I can feel him smirking.

"Stop smirking!" I hiss, embarrassed. His smirk just grows wider.

"I'm not!" He denies.

"Yes, you are! I can feel it!" I retort. I get one hand free, and feel behind me for his face.

"What are you doing?" His voice shakes from holding in his laughter.

"I am trying to find your face." I say frustrated. He grabs my hand, and he guides it to his face.

"There." I feel around, and trace his mouth with my fingers. It is stretched wide, and the corners are curved up.

"See! You are smirking!" My voice is full of triumph, and his only response is to chuckle. He pulls me to him, and he gives me a hug.

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