Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 ~ Rowan

"See you mom!" I called as I climbed out of the car. I did't hear her reply as I shut the door and continued walking.

"Hey, Rowan!" I heard a familiar voice shout. I turned to see Ashley running towards me.

"Hey Ash! Can you believe everything I told you?" I asked. She smile and shook her head happily.

"Nope!! But it's happening!! YAY!" She said, bouncing up and down. I laughed.

"Where's everyone else?" I said questioningly.

"Over there," Ashley pointed to a spot in the courtyard where the girls were. "Come on, I have to tell you something. So my mom said I can invite you guys over for a sleepover on Friday!" Ashley squealed as walked towards them.

"Seriously?? Awesome! I'll ask my mom but I'm sure she'll say yes, she's freaking out because I made friends so fast!" I said, and we both laughed.

"Great! I asked everyone else and they said yes. Except for Kenzie."

"Oh hey Rowan! So you can come, yeah?" Cara asked.

"Most likely." I replied.

"I hope Kenzie doesn't have anything planned, then she wouldn't be able to come." Ashley began.

"Come where?" A sudden voice said behind me. I jumped around to find Kenzie looking at all of us.

"Ah, here you are! My mom said I can invite you guys over on Friday for a sleepover!" Ashley gushed. I watched as Kenzie's face fell.

"Friday? Gosh Ashley I would love to but I have a dentist appointment and then I'm going to my Grandma's for the weekend. Could you postpone to next week?" She pleaded. Ashley sighed.

"Look Kenzie I'm sorry you can't come but I'm not going to postpone just because one person can't come. If it was like, you, Rowan and Lucy then I would change it but everyone said yes and that's just not fair to them. Like, what if they're busy next Friday? Kenzie, sorry, but there's always next time." Ashley flipped around to the rest of the girls and started telling them all about my "date" with Asa.

"I hate you." Kenzie hissed, squinting her eyes and glaring as she turned on her heel and flounced away.

I sigher and turned back to face them.

"Gosh Rowan, your so lucky! I'm SO sure he'll ask you out." Jenna said and Lucy nodded vigorously. I shrugged, smiling, but deep down, I didn't believe it.

Maybe he showed the signs, maybe it worked for other girls, maybe it seemed like he liked me, but I knew he just thought of me as a friend. Why would he like me?? I was fat, for one. Ugly. My face was disgusting. My hair was a mess. I had a constellation of pimples on my face. And I looked horrible in pretty much every piece of clothing. I was awkward, strange, different. I just wanted more than anything to be like these girls. Like, Ashley. She was perfect. Her long blond beach waves were always clean. Her green eyes were gorgeous, and although she wasn't super skinny she still had a great body. She somehow managed to make the school uniform look nice, and she had an amazing personality. She could tell people off if she was angry without chickening out. She had an amazing laugh, and a great, happy and energetic personality. She was nice, and probably had a perfect family. Except for that sister of hers. But still.

"Well, there goes the bell. I hope this week passes fast. I can't WAIT for Friday!" Ashley said happily, and everyone ran off. I followed quickly.

But where was Asa?


"Okay class, today we are going to be talking about variables and..." I yawned silently to myself, leaning back in my chair. I could barely even here the teacher I was so focused on my own thoughts. All I could think about was Asa. He wasn't there during Science, and I hated sitting alone. Hopefully was just late and was now sitting in the room next door doing his harder algebra work.

All too suddenly I was jerked out of my thoughts as my chair flipped a little too far back and I careened backwards, falling onto the floor. I sat, blinking, in utter shock. The math teacher looked at me through her round thick glasses.


"Yes Miss?" I asked uncomofortably, picking myself up out of the awkward position I was in.

"Why don't you take a little break out in the hallway and come back in when you're ready to work?" She said, running a hand through her gray hair. Ugh. In otherwords, I was in trouble.

"Yes Miss." I said quietly, picking up my chair and shuffling silently out of the classroom as the students watched me like hawks. I shut the door quietly behind me and sat down on the bench. I rested my head on my hands and sighed, observing the lockers across the hall.

It was so silent here.

Suddenly, I heard someone pounding down a hallway nearby. Oh crap. What if it was a shooter? Or a terrorist? I would have absolutely no place to hide because once I saw the person, I would be too close to hide. I breathed in, trying to be silent so the person would just pass by, but I could hear the footsteps getting louder.

"Oh, Rowan! What are you doing out here!" I jumped up, almost screaming.

"Asa! You scared me so bad! I thought it was like, a shooter or something. Oh, ha well I got in trouble for falling off my chair, cuz, you know I was sitting back on it." I explained, after I caught my breath. Asa smiled at me with his warm blue eyes.

"I know what it's like, all too well." He grinned and I laughed. That's when I noticed he had a jacket on, and was carrying a backpack.


"Late. Very. Principal is not happy, but mum tried to talk him out of a punishment, so it's all good." Asa explained, knowing what I was about to ask.

"Aaah, I see. Well you better get going. Don't want you to be any later. Besides, I need to calm down so I can come back ready to work." I mocked the teacher.

"See ya later!" Asa said as he laughed at my remark, and then he ran off.

I sighed once again, leaning my head against the wall. Why was he so perfect?

And I was not. That was exactly why we did not fit together. We were two completely different people, from two, oh so different worlds. It was like trying to put two pieces from two different puzzles together. No matter what you try, it will never perfectly fit because that's just not how it was made to be.

I took a deep breath letting it out through my nose, and stood up. I was sure I wasn't ready, but I walked into the classroom, pretending that I was ready to work.

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