Australia's Prime minister

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Tony Abbott. For those of you who don't know him, he is the 'man' that promised no new taxes and very minor cuts to spending. In his time as prime minister, he had brought in taxes, and has made massive cuts to education, jobs, health care, and independent media (the ABC).
This fuckwit, for lack of a more offensive term, is deceitful, neck deep in misogyny, and so bad at running Australia, his solution for refugees is to send them somewhere else.

Sending refugees to other places, Is a breach of the geneva convention. Look it up sometime. The cost of sending one refugee away each year is around $1,000,000. Yes. One million dollars a year. Per. Ref.u.gee.

To settle these people that are fleeing persecution in their own countries costs only $60,000 a year on average. On top of that, many who flee to other countries have more drive to do well for themselves, resulting in more skilled workers like doctors, engineers and builders.

I believe that every refugee that comes to us to flee persecution will be more successful, and have more drive than over half the Australian population, including myself.

Tony abbott. The douche. phoney rabbit.
He makes me sad.

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