"I looked back, and look where that got me..."

1 week Prior...

The roar of thunder made me jump. I sighed. The rain pattered the window and i cringed. Watching the hail form makes me wish i never accepted the invite to Katie's new years eve party. Shes a bitch. But i cant say no to my best friend, Courtney, the one who wanted to go but still is 20 minutes late. I check my watch...23 minutes now! 

I rush to the bathroom to fix myself up. I bob my curls and thread my fingers through them to loosen the up. I rap the uncurled hair strands around the curling iron and wait a few seconds. I re-apply my makeup and straighten up my dress. I smile in the mirror at my appearance. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. My dress is gold at the top then flows out at the bottom, fading into more of a white colour. 

The beep of a car interrupts my thoughts and scares me to death. I hold my chest and begin painting to catch up on the shock. I grab my purse and phone and head out the door. As soon as i close the wooden door i instantly regret coming even more. 

She brought a boy..of course. Now I'm going to be the bloody third wheel. I take a deep breath and exhale. I could be laying in bed watching the new years eve fireworks on TV and drinking hot chocolate right now. As i decide to just turn back i realize that maybe it would be good for me to get out and party. Its new years eve after all. Even if it is the evil bitch of the west's party. If i had my damn drivers license like a normal teenager than maybe i could just leave in like an hour, but that ain't happening!

I take a seat in the back and practice my best fake smile ever. 

"Hey Girly" she turns her head to look at me and shows off her extraordinary smile.

"Hey.." i mumble.

"I know your not very fond of Katie but its a party, come on" she turns back and gives the guy a kiss on the cheek before taking off. I sink in my seat and hope this night is over in a blink of an eye. 

"Kaitlin, this is Zayn, Zayn, this is Kaitlin" Courtney motions between us. 

"Nice to meet you" he holds his hand out from the front. I shake it but don't bother to introduce myself.

"And you?" he asks, raising both his eyebrows.

"Kaitlin Damion" i smile and turn to look outside the window.

"Whats her problem?' i hear Zayn ask Courtney.

"I just hate freaking parties and its no better that you two will probably be making out in the corner, leaving me by myself, where i don't know anybody, on new years eve" I try to say calmly.

"You would be by yourself anyway! Lighten the fuck up!" she screams.

The rest of the car ride is silent and I'm glad.

When we turn up at the house there are toilet paper rolls everywhere and couples making out everywhere. Fuck. This is not going to go good.

"Hiiiiiiiiiii, y'all. Welcome to my uh.....humble abooo" Katie slurs and tumbles on top of me. 

Zayn, Courtney and i laugh. 

"Whatttttttt?' Katie tilts her head like a lost puppy.

"Your drunk" Courtney says between laughs.

As we are all laughing i hope that the tension in the car has drifted away now.

"Nahhhh" Katie drags.

She tumbles back inside and we just follow In amusement. It seems as though everybody was drunk. It was only 40 minutes in!!


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