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Part 6


You sat on the windowsill, your gaze glazed over in thought. It was a beautiful day- tranquil blue sky with lithe clouds, a light cooling breeze flowing gently in the mid afternoon sun and it was all going to waste. You glance at jeff, who was layed out on the sofa watching tv.

"Hey Jeff,"

He looked over at you and lazily smiled.

"how would you like to go outside off a while?"

He sat up and turned towards you.

"I'm allowed outside?"

"With me of course."

He nodded and stood, a large smile replacing his lazy one.

When walking down the halls you certainly didn't expect the reactions you got. Doctors gasped and stood aside, other patients where ushered by there nurses back to there rooms. You glanced back at jeff whilst walking, he was smirking- clearly enjoying the reactions. Although it wasn't the only thing he was happy about. Jeff was glad to have you as his psychologist, seeing these reactions just reminded him of how calm you where around him, of how you trusted him and treated him. You treated him like a person not like a rabid animal like all these people saw him, how his other psychologists had seen him. He saw himself lucky to have been your patient and not one of these other doctors patients.

Reaching the end of the hall you swiped your card on the black box to the left of the exit and pushed open the heavy steel door once the light turned green. Stepping outside Jeff inhaled deeply and sighed, stretching his sore muscles. The sun felt nice on his skin, he hadn't been outside in the sun for a long time- being a killer he would sleep during the day and go out to kill around midnight when people where asleep. It made him feel a bit like a vampire. He snickered at his own joke and followed you towards a white painted picket fence. Opening the gate you stepped inside with Jeff following you like a puppy. Jeff suddenly stopped, awestruck by the beauty of the sectioned off area. Six trees created an arch walkway to the open field that was in full bloom with an array of flowers. The area was bursting with wildlife- Jeff could hear birds in the trees above him as well as squirrels scurrying around the branches, he could even see what seemed to be the outline of deer off in the distance.

Jeff didn't realise you had carried on walking and where now stood at the end of the tree arch smiling at him.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Jeff just nodded and caught up to you. You continued walking towards a large rabbit hutch and run. Jeff was confused but followed anyway. Stoping in front of the open top pen you bent down and picked up a small brown and white rabbit and continued to sit down on the grass. Jeff stood at your side and shot you a confused look but you just looked up at him and smiled.

"Go ahead. Walk around, enjoy your time outside."

Jeff watched as you pet the rabbit that sat quite contently on your lap, then shoved his hands into his sweatpants pockets and walked around the side of the hutch. He watched the rabbits hop around and nibble on grass, that was until he spotted a lone white and black rabbit in the corner of the pen. When Jeff approached it, it looked up at him. The rabbits left ear was torn and it only had one eye, the other had been stitched up. Jeff could tell this rabbit must have gotten into a fight by the numerous scars littered around its body and it's damaged limbs. "Poor thing," Jeff muttered " I bet no one gives you attention or loves you." Jeff didn't apprehend that you where observing him or that you heard what he had said. Slowly reaching down Jeff picked up the rabbit and sat on the grass like you had done. Running his calloused fingers threw the rabbits soft fur Jeff smiled. He felt the rabbit shift in his lap, snuggling deeper into his shirt and then closing its eye. Jeff continued to pet the rabbit until he felt it fall asleep. You watched as Jeff slowly shifted so he was laying down on the grass with the rabbit laid sleeping on his chest.

"Even in the darkest of hearts you will find light"

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