Chapter 3

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“How could you say that and not mean it at all!” Sophie screamed into the phone. “It was just a joke don’t make such a big drama out of it.” Paige replied. Sophie was raging; I cannot believe she would do this. “I can’t even talk to you at the moment. Don’t ring me again!” Sophie yelled as she hung up the phone. Soph cried and cried and knew that tomorrow morning she would once again have to plaster on her fake smile even though her world was crumbling around her. It was at times like this that she wished her mum was around to support her and give her a hug, but apparently work would always be more important than Sophie. She rang Ryan and explained to him everything that had happened. Ryan was the only person she had told her every thought to, he was the only one she trusted and it was a fine line she was walking. Ryan knew enough information to truly break her forever. Ryan made jokes and mucked around just to calm her down and get her in a better mood. “Ryan, can you come over?” Sophie asked nervously. Ryan hadn’t ever been to see her. Their friendship occurred mostly through text and phone calls. “Yeah sure, Soph, I’ll be there in a bit.” Ryan replied before hanging up the phone. Sophie jumped out of bed and cleaned up a bit to at least make the house presentable. She jumped in the shower and washed her hair before trudging down to the lounge room armed with pillows and blankets. Hopefully watching a movie would take her mind off all the drama. Just as she had dropped all the blankets to the floor the doorbell rang, of course it was Ryan. He had chocolate, ice-cream and fairy floss, all to Sophie’s delight. Ryan gave her a hug and reassured her that everything would be alright and she would survive it. Sophie sat down on one of the blankets and through another one over herself to keep warm. Ryan walked into the lounge room with 2 spoons to eat the ice cream. He plopped down next to Sophie and wriggled his way under the blanket. Soph laughed before lifting up the blanket so he could fit. He reached over and moved her so she was resting on his chest. Sophie tensed before relaxing into his warm embrace. Considering a few months ago they couldn’t stand each other, Soph was a little surprised at how easy her friendship with Ryan was. Sophie hit play and The Vow began much to Ryan’s displeasure. “Stop being a baby and watch it with me.” Soph laughed. Ryan just grumbled in response before pulling her closer and resting his chin on her head. Ryan would laugh every time she got a bit too emotional at the events of the movie and of course Soph would retaliate by punching him. Laying there in Ryan’s arm Soph felt the most relaxed she had in a long time. She hadn’t seen either of her parents in over 4 weeks and when she had it was more of a hi and bye situation. Dan was constantly checking she was okay and making sure she had everything she could possibly need. Sophie knew he was only trying to make up for the absence of their parents but the love that Dan showed her was enough to fill the void her parents left a million times over. He had asked her a million times if it would be okay if he went out with his friends tonight and each and every time she had giggled and told him to go. If only she had known that her world was about to crumble all over again. Sophie did not realise she was crying until Ryan wiped away the tears that were running down her face. He pulled her onto his lap and rocked her slowly back and forth whispering to her that she was strong enough to make it through this just like he had when he had arrived. He was surprised at how well she had kept it together for the last few hours, not even mentioning it once. Ryan did not push it, he knew her well enough to know that she would talk when she was ready. Each time he talked to Soph it became harder to find a reason as to why he had always argued with her before, maybe it was a fight for attention from Paige or maybe it was just Paige altogether. Sophie sniffled before sliding off his lap and resting her head back against his shoulder. “Ryan, be honest with me okay?” she whispered. “Of course, what is it?” he asked concerned. “Did I do anything that could have possibly provoked that? Am I overacting and blowing this way out of proportion?” she asked timidly. “Sophie listen to me and listen to me good. Nothing you could have ever done justifies what Paige has done. I don’t know why she did but my guess is that Lucas had something to do with it as well. She is a lying attention seeking bitch who is only concerned about herself. You have said it before she was never a true friend, you were the only one trying to make that relationship work in the end. She took you for granted because she never thought she would lose you but she has and it will be a big wakeup call for her but when she comes crawling back you have to stay strong and not forgive her easily if at all.” Ryan finished. “You do not have to worry about me forgiving her because as far as I’m concerned she is dead. The one thing she should never have lied to me about and she has. I don’t have an skerrick of respect left for her and nor do I trust her with as much as walking the dog.” Sophie breathed out. Ryan laughed only Sophie could make a serious situation have a lighter side, he liked seeing this side of her, relaxed and carefree.

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