Chapter 1: The journey begins

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Drip drip drip

Those were the first things he heard. He opened his eyes but all he could see was some dark rough ceiling. He started to get up and looked around. seeing that he was standing in some sort of cave and that the place where he woke up was next to a wall. His clothes felt uncomfortable so he looked down to see to his surprise that he was wearing some sort of old fashioned brown tunic and matching pants. After coming over the shock of that he decided to move from the place he was standing at because just staying at one place wouldn't help him at all. He had no other choose but to follow one path because he couldn't see any other. While he was walking he started to think how he came here.

2 days earlier.

'yeah, go die now. Cool I got an awesome item again.' If someone would tell you what they were seeing than they would tell you that there was a guy sitting in a dark room full of ugly souvenirs sitting on a chair playing a game on the computer while in a blanket. Screaming when something good happened and cursing when something bad happened.  Well that person was our protagonist. But the scene he would see was completely different. Because for him those ugly souvenirs gave off light. So he was actually sitting in a well lit room. You're probably thinking how the hell can those things give any light ? Well the answer to that is something even he doesn't know.

The first time it happened was when he was 8 years old. His mom and he were in a yard sale. All of a sudden he saw something shining in a box. He started to rumble through the box till he found the source of the light. It was this cool Indian bracelet you know those that are from some kind of brown leather with pearls attached to it. He then went to his mom and asked her to buy it for him. She said that it was just an old stupid thing and didn't want to buy it. So he did what every kid would do. He started to cry and scream until she bought it. After that he started to see more and more items that shone like that so he started to buy them until there was no more space in his room. He started to call them the Object Of Light OOL in short. As he got older the objects started to give more light. Someties so much that he couldn't even see what the object was. Well that's enough explaining about the shining objects.

the year is 2125 and you're probably wondering what kind of technological progress we had compared to the 21st century. To sum it up in one word amazing. Flying cars and teleportation’s stations and all that kind of crap but the one thing that had the most technological progress were games. Because nowadays there are virtual reality games. Now you're thinking then why is that one guy in the room still on a old computer if there are virtual reality games. the answer to that question is pretty obvious. he's poor.

But there is about to be a game release that was announced 2 years in advance. And he has been saving for that game for two years and the reason he's playing right now is because he just got enough money for the new game just one day before the release. So him playing that old game is like a farewell ceremony for the only game he could effort. he has played that game over and over and it never became boring for him. But now the time has come to say goodbye to it. He turned the computer off and stretched. Walked over to the window and opened the curtains. It was night and there was a new moon in the sky. Ironic don't you think. ''I think I should go to sleep because I can't oversleep now can I'' Is what he said while looking up to the moon. ''I better close the window too because there is bad weather coming'' After closing the window he went to sleep.

The next day


Ughh that horrifying sound of an alarm clock is so irritating. But then he remembered what day it was so he jumped out of bed. Walked straight to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He then changed his clothes and looked in the mirror. What you could see was a boy of 5 feet and 7 inches tall (or a meter and 72 cm long). With brown short messy hair and green eyes. Who was wearing a grey t shirt and some jeans. 'Time to go' he said while giving himself a smile in the mirror.

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