Chapter 15

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The further into the forest the darker it became. The trees slowly began to get closer together, and the thick roots slowed them down and it was hard for Skia and Thorin to get through.

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" Clancy asked, her voice an octave higher.

"We must be. The archway said 'the magic users'." Hazel quoted.

"Hazels right, we should get there soon." Max agreed.

They walked for another few minutes when they saw a quartz stone pathway, the trees were spreading out again and you could see the sun through the canopy.

"We're here," breathed Max. "The home of magic."

They certainly had arrived.

Planks of wood could be seen high up in the trees, the trees were now not just pine but willow, oak and several others that Hazel didn't recognise. Though no people could be seen it was clear that the place was inhabited. The planks now were recognisable as tree forts and occasionally a small cubby house.

There were also strange symbols carved into trees.

"Let's keep on going." Max said. They hadn't realised that they had stopped walking to look around.

Continuing down the pathway, wind chimes were hung on the branches and small camp fires dotted around the place. The path opened up to a large perfectly round area with no trees, the size of a football field. In the middle was a cluster of logs around a fire.

All around it looked like a training area, weapons were hung up there was an armoury.

"Hello?" Clancy called.

"Shhh!" Hazel said angrily. Suddenly a whispering could be heard. Then people began to come out of the woods, were they must have been hiding. They had formed a perfect circle around the trio. The people ranged from toddlers to adults and many people their age. Many of hem stared at the unicorns whispering. One teenager stepped forward. He had blond hair and green eyes, then Hazel realised that everyone had green eyes.

"Surrender or die." He said.

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