Don't Leave Me(Eren x Levi)

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A short raven male halted his steps when he heared a teal-eyed boy's call. He turned around to see what the boy wanted and so that he could finally withdraw to the comforts of his quarters.

"What is it, brat?" He questioned rather harshly and more over impatient.

"H-heichou...." The boy finally caught up to the older male. His brown hair sticking to his skin due to perspiration and his cheeks were slightly flushed as his chest heaved up and down.

After regaining his breath, he faced a rather annoyed and impatient corporal with his arms around his chest and his boot clad foot tapping impatiently.

"N-never...m-mind. ." The boy stuttered. Unable to say what he truly desired to say in fear of the corporal.

The older male narrowed his eyes with his thin lips drawn in a straight line. He 'tsked' in annoyance as he shook his head.

"Stop wasting my time brat and tell me what the fuck you want..."He ordered  in a tone that didn't match his stoic expression.

Fidgeting, the boy looked at his feet and mumbled many incoherent words and sentences.

"Speak up!" The raven commanded;his authority seeping through his tone.

"I like you Levi-heichou!" The brunette exclaimed and looked down with his cheeks flushed in deep crimson. He gave an inaudible sigh that he was finally able to say it. But the terror of rejection made itself known when the raven didn't utter a single word.

The brunette looked up nervously to see the older man's reaction. He was unsure whether his confession would change everything.

'Ofcourse everything would change stupid!' His subconscious answered for him.

He was about to walk away in shame of his own outburst when a hand gripped his wrist. He looked over his shoulder to see his own corporal looking away. He swore that he saw some pink on the man's cheek when he turned fully to face him.

"Tsk. I didn't say you are dismissed yet brat." The brunette looked down yet again but his eyes reflected the surprise he felt when a hand forced his face to meet the superior's grey eyes that were normally hard and void of all emotion, now filled with an emotion that made the brunette blush darker.


"I like you too brat." Now, it was the corporal's turn to blush and look away.

The boy smiled and suddenly embraced the man he adored so much and now his official lover.

He gasped when he felt the arms of the man snake their way around him and thus, hugging him back.

"I love you, Levi..."

"Shut up, brat..."Though he could not see him, Eren heared the smile in Levi's normal monotone voice.

Finally, Levi was his. He didn't care if they would not be accepted by other people or if their missions would injure or kill the other. He would protect his love. He won't ever let him go. He loved the midget too damn much! He also had the feeling that these were the same thoughts running through the raven's head.


He remembered the day the boy confessed to him and how he felt when they finally got together.

He finally felt happy starting from that day. He had a reason to fight, excluding the part about freeing humanity. He finally had a reason to smile and to feel complete.

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