Finding Neverland [Exo FF]

written by: Jajade



Ticktock. Ticktock. Ticktock.

Finally, it's 12 midnight. Time to stuck at my own imagination again. Sitting at my window and waiting for Peter Pan to bring me in his Neverland.

But wait. Is there absolutely a place called Neverland? And a person called Peter Pan? I don't know. But if there's a Neverland, I'm willing to find it forever.

She's Catherine. 
A girl who got stucked in her own imagination.
A girl who believes in fantasies and fairytales.
And a girl who believes that there is such a place called Neverland and a person called Peter Pan.

And so she started to find Neverland by herself.

As journeying the world of her own imagination, Will she able to find Neverland? Or will she just comeback to were she belongs as her magic dusts runs out?


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