~Chappie 1~

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Amelia's POV:

"Get the hell out of here!"

"Dad, what did I do?"

"You've made my life like hell!"

"Dad, please! I didn't do nothing!"

"Everyone hates you, you're a bitch, worthless, ugly rat!"

"Regret that, now"

"No! Get away from me!"

"Okay, I am leaving. But you killed mom, ant, and my sister. Don't you feel bad?"

"Why should've I feel bad? They are worthless, just like you"

"Because the cops is outside"

~ 1 hour later ~

"When did he kill your sister?" The police officer said while writing down on the notebook he had in his other hand.

"Tonight, when I was asleep, I woke up when I heard her scream, and in her room I saw her laying on the floor. Dead" I say.

"Okay, your ant?"

"A week ago, dad said she killed herself, but he killed her by punching her to death"

"And your mom?"

Then a tear fall down my chin, I loved my mom so much. We used to have this time when I was 8, and we got to the park with my sister, Ella, and we ate ice cream and where at the park and played around. But now I am fifteen, seven years ago. And now she's dead.

"Dad killed her in front of me, he took his gun and shoot her, in the heart" I say, and I cried out. I couldn't stop. The ones that I loved, is dead. Killed by my own father.

"Do you have a friend you can sleep over with until we find you an orphanage?"

"Yeah, Andrea and Jenn"

"We call them, go pack you're things, than we can go"

"Okay" I said, and walked into the house again. I am leaving this place for good.

I saw dad in the corner, with a police man behind him.

I walked to him, and slapped him as hard as I could. A police officer runned towards me and pushed me away.

"I HATE YOU! YOU ARE NOT MY DAD ANYMORE! I DONT KNOW YOU!" I screamed to him, while crying my eyes off.

"Go pack" the police man said, and let me go.

I stared at dad/ the man that killed my family with hate, and disgust while I walked up the stairs.

I took all the clothes that where there, and all my things.

I took a teddy bear my aunt gave me, a necklace from my sister that was written: "Sisters forever" and a necklace that where my moms. Those three things where the most important things in my whole life.

I got down and got into the police car. We drove to Andrea's and Jenn's house ( they are sisters ) and sent Andrea a message.




Am damn

I'm coming over, tell you later xx


Am damn



okay xx

I turned my phone off and saw that we where there already.

I got out of the car and knocked on the door.

Andrea opened the door and smiled bright to me.

"Am damn! What has happened? Why is there a police car here? Have you stolen something? AMELIA NO THAT IS NOT OKAY!" She said, I laughed, Andrea is so cute sometimes.

"No, that's not the reason." I said, and started crying. I hugged her, and she hugged back.

The police officer came over and Andrea and Jenn's mom came to the door.

"Hey Amelia! What is going on?" She said, with a worried expression on her face.

"Are you Andrea and Jenn's mom?"

"Yes, yes I am"

"Can I talk to you alone?"


"Amelia, you can tell them" the police officer said and Andrea's mom got out with the police man.

"Hey, let's go up to our room, okay?" Andrea said and pulled away. I nodded slowly, and we got up to their room.

"Jenn is showering, so tell me Amelia, what is going on?" She said and sat down on the bed. I sat down with her and took a deep breath.

"D-dad k-killed my s-sister, a-aunt, and m-mom" I said and cried.

"Oh my god, Amelia!" She said, and a tear fell down from her eye. She pulled me in for a hug and we hugged for what seemed like hours, nut I enjoyed it. Andrea is a true friend, I love her of my whole heart.

"Shhhh, it's okay" she said, and stroke my hair.

After about ten minutes, Jenn came in.


Andrea pulled away, and Jenn sat down on the bed.

"I heard sobbing, what is going on?"Jenn said, and rubbed my back.

Andrea looked at me with this written on her face: "Should I tell her?" I nodded, and Andrea took Jenn's hand and they walked out of the room. I took out my phone and checked Twitter.

I saw a lot of tweets on my home page where it was written: "Rip, stay strong ❤️" "Rip, we will alway love Ella, your ant and your mom ❤️" and then I saw the hashtag: #prayforamelia trending around on twitter.

People is really lovely when they tweet me those tweets, but it just reminds me of what happened.

"Oh my god!" I heard Jenn say, and I heard her sobbing and crying, Jenn was good friends with Ella too.

Jenn runned into the room, and hugged me.

"Hey, let's have a sleep over!" Jenn suggested, and we all smiled.


Hey guys!

So, this is the first chappie of "This" ☺️

Btw, Jenn is Jenn McAllister, and Andrea is Andrea Russet.

Andrea and Jenn is 15 years old too 🌸

And sorry for the write errors, I am writing on ipad and phone, because my Mac is just like

Bullshit atm.


byeeeee ❤️

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