Imran Khan's Life

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Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi was born on the 25th of November, in 1952 in Lahore(Punjab). Imran Khan was born into an affluent family. He learned at the Elite Schools in Pakistan and the United Kingdom, including the Royal Grammar School in Worcester. He went to the Aitchison College in Lahore

In 1971 he joined "The International Test." And after a few years in 1974 he joined "The One Day International(ODI)."

In 1992, he joined politics, and named his party PTI (Pakistan Tehreeq-e-Insaf) in English a Group of Justice and Rights.

In 2013, he stood up and came in the election of Pakistan. And he lost. Some people said we haven't given since the 1950s, we gave it today for PTI.

On August.14,2014(Pakistan's Freedom Day), he brought in a tsunami of people the Azadi March. And said that we will remove government. And make a new Pakistan.

And today he's in Pakistan's Red Zone with the Azadi March

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