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"What do you two want for dinner?" Mum yells from the kitchen. Me and Niall are in the backyard playing soccer. "What ever mum we don't mind!" I shout back to mum trying to get around Niall with the ball. "Ok!" She yells back as Niall tackles me, gets the ball and scores. "Can you stop being so good and give me a chance!" I say falling down to the ground. "No it's funnier watching you fail." Niall says kicking the ball into my side. "You're so mean." I say fake crying. "Aww come here sook." Niall says pulling me up to my feet.

We walk inside and I go and check on dinner. "So mum, what are we having for dinner?" I ask sitting on a stool and swinging from side to side. "Roast, is that ok?" She asks putting the vegetables in the oven. "Yes! I love it!" I say jumping of the stool. "Go and set Niall's room up for him please." Mum tells me as I'm walking up the stairs. "Sure mum." I say sarcasticly. "Just do it Alexis." Mum looks up at me and gives me a cold stare. "Ok, I'm going." I say running up the stairs. I walk into Niall's room and see him sitting in his bed. Nialls has his own room at our house. Well it's sort of like a spare room but we call it nialls a cause he was the last person to stay in here. We have no family in London they all live in Ireland or North UK. It's some times lonely with out them.

"Hey fat ass, get of the bed! I have to put clean sheets on it." I say pulling Niall's arm. "Can't you make it with me sitting on it?" Niall stupidly questions. "God, you've only been here 4 days and you're already annoying me!" I say rolling my eyes still trying to pull him up of he bed. "Aww is someone cranky?" Niall asks in a sympathetic tone while he gets up off the bed.

"No I'm not, but it made you get off the bed." I say with a small laugh. "Urghh whatever, I'm hungry do you know what's for dinner?" He questions whilst taking the sheets of the bed. "Mum said roast." I say throwing the dirty sheets outside the bedroom door. "Yum! Your mums food is always so good!" Niall says pulling the corners of the clean sheets and tucking them in. "It's decent I suppose." I say shrugging my shoulders. It is actually pretty good. Considering she is a midwife.

Once we finish making the bed we go down stairs because dinner is finally ready. Dads not home because he left to work about an hour ago and mums on call so she could be leaving any minute. But right now it's mum, Niall and I sitting round our dinner table eating a delicious roast dinner. "So Niall we only had a few minutes to chat before miss Alexis came rushing home. How are you?" Mum asks picking up a potato with her fork. "I've been great actually, preparing for graduation and doing exams. It's exciting finishing up school." Nialls says wil a mouth full of meat. "I'm glad to hear. And how's Greg and Denise and little baby Theo?" Mum ask taking a sip of her drink. "They are great Theo's growing into a big boy now. He just turned one!" Niall say excitedly. "I can't wait to meet them!" Mum says in return just as excited.

Once we finish dinner we clear the plates and place them in the dishwasher and I go and take a hot shower. Niall has probably gone to get more food. As I step in the shower my phone rings.

"Hello?" I ask into the phone

"Hello Al, how are you?" I hear a think British accent reply.

"Well I'm going pretty good. What about you Harry." I reply knowing its Harry.

"I'm great now I can hear your voice." Harry says seductivly.

"I might have to say the same thingy to you." I say just as seductivly

"What are you doing." He replies. And I'm pretty sure he can hear the sound of the running water of the shower in the background.

"I was just about to have a shower." I say with a smile on my face.

"Would you like so help with that?" Harry questions. I can practically see his signature smirk on his face.

"Well I would love some but I have a parent and a Niall here." I say a bit disappointed

"But like I said last time the sound of the shower will drown out the sounds of you moaning my na-." I cut Harry off.

"OMG Harry! You're so Horny today!" I say with a small laugh. Earlier he wanted to ditch art to do the dirty in his car but I said no. So we just made out at the back of the school at lunch. No one suspected a thing.

"Maybe I am maybe I'm not." He says trying to sound innocent. It's not working.

"Well maybe we could go for a walk after I have a shower it's only 6:00pm." I suggest

"Sounds like a plan. I will text you when I am out the front. Cause I don't want your parent or Niall to get susspisious now do we." Harry says rushed. I know we won't be walking much on this 'walk'.

"Ok. Well then I'll see you in soon. I say with a smirk on my face.

"Yes you will. Bye fuck buddy." Harry says.

"Bye Harry." I say laughing.


Authors note

Ohhhhh a walk. Anyway you will find out what happens on that 'walk' sometime this week. I hope you all like Niall. I love Niall just saying. Love you all <3<3



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