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a/n OMG This is my first book that actually got to 14 chapters Cx Thanks for the comments and votes love reading them :) So the last chapter was NOT a cliffhanger. I suck at those. I just wanted that chapter to be uploaded. Here's chapter 14 xx

Maybe. It's just a coincidence. Maybe they just have the same last name but Luke goes by a hemmings so it won't get mixed up. Yeah that's probably it because I can't imagine them as brothers at all just a terrible combination. Luke being the nice and adorable one, I think. I haven't known him for that long. Only two days. And Liam being the over protected bad boy. Just doesn't fit. Maybe you can see it but I can't.

The way Luke was acting just now killed me. He was so rude. I've never seen him this way before. Even though i've known him for 2 days. I guess I don't really know the guy.

The bell rings and I walk out of class. I am pushed to the wall by Liam.

"Why weren't you in class?" I told him, he put his finger over my mouth.

"Shh. Have you seen Luke?" He whispered. "I didn't see him after I talked to him this morning?"

"No." He said. He scratches his head. "Fuck." He said running down the hall. I don't know why I did this but I started running too.

"Liam where are you going?" I said. He Turns around "Shut up and go away." He runs to his car and I start to follow. I open the door and get in. "Fuck! Jena! What the hell?" I smile and put on my seat belt.

"Are you seriously gonna ditch your 3rd day of school." he reaches over me and opens the door. "Get the hell out." He says. He unbuckles my seat belt. But I hook it back in.

"Jena, this is no time for fucking games! I have to go!" He says.

"Where!" He hits his steering wheel. " Fine! You wanna come, come. But I am warning you. You say a fucking word to anyone about this. I swear."

"You swear what?"

He looks at me. I think I should stop now. He giving me that look like he'll kill if I don't shut the fuck up for the 100th time type of look.

"Please don't cross my line." He says driving out of the student parking. He started speeding down the street. I wanted to yell slow down but I was scared he might give me that look again.

He pulls into a driveway running out of the car. "Stay." He says.


Why do I have to stay in the fucking car?

I turn on my phone and start playing some games while I wait.


Who the hell created this game?


Fuck I hit the pipe!

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