Chapter 6-when did it get so bad?

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Alfie's POV:

"Excuse me sir"

I felt a hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me. My eyes slowly opened to see a man dressed in a full green uniform and a name badge reading 'Peter'.

A wave of confusion crashed in my half asleep brain till I realised where I was. I suddenly jerked upright.

"Excuse me sir" Peter repeated. "Sorry to wake you sir, but are you here with Zoe Sugg"

"Y-yes, yes I am. Is she okay? Can I see her? Is she going to be okay?" I rushed out.

Peter smiled at me calmingly.

"Yes sir, Zoe is going to be okay, however she is very weak and will need to stay at the hospital on a drip for a week till we get her blood sugar back up. We will discuss further treatment later." He told me.

Relief filled my mind-

she was alive, she was okay

"Thankyou Dr, can I see her..please?"

"Of course you can, she's not awake yet but she should come round soon. Follow me"

I was guided down dozens of corridors which are long and winding, they feel small like a never ending labyrinth. We walk in awkward silence, the sound of echoing footsteps and clashing keys filling the air. My thoughts are spinning in my head, spiralling through my entire body, yet my face betrays nothing.

When he finally stops walking, he turns and directs me to a plain white door which reads '305'

I smiled at him awkwardly as I opened the door and walked in.

There she was, my little Zoe, lay down on a single bed in the corner of the empty room. She had endless wires attached to her arms, connected to alien like machines which beeped everytime her heart beat.

Her skeletal body lay there lifeless. I looked at her gaunt pale face resting peacefully. Her arms looked like they would snap from the weight of a feather..and her legs, no wonder she couldn't hold herself up.

When did it get so bad?

I don't remember her looking this ill at home, or maybe I just didn't want to look, maybe I avoided the truth.

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