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Part 5


Pain. Unmistakable agony. Skulls and various bones where in a heap on the floor near the desk. The boys where frozen. Petrified. What had they witnessed? Could that clown really have done such horrific things? Both boys stare at there surroundings. Shock. They couldn't move. A shadow loomed over them - a knocking noise interrupted Jeff's train of thought. 'And just as it was getting good' he thought as he folded the corner of the page and closed the book. It had been quite a long time since he read a proper book. The only thing he tended to read was the newspaper, everyone did at the house. What they where reading for was news about there killings- if you got in the paper you got bragging rights and bragging rights at there house was a big deal, well to Jeff it was. He liked to have something to hold over BEN's head, besides a game controller. Sighing Jeff stood and proceed to the door. He pulled down on the handle but nothing happened.' Strange. I heard them knock so why isn't the door open?' In a moment of genius jeff pushed the top button next to the door.

"Hello? FN?"

" H-Hi I'm Laila, your appointed nurse."

"Why'd you knock! I was busy!"

"I-I'm sorry! FN left instructions for me to give you these," a white bed shirt and black sweat pants where slid through a slot in the bottom of the door.

"FN thought you would be more comfortable in theses than the clothes the police provided."

Ah that was right, the cops took his clothes as evidence and gave him tattered,musky shirt and pants as replacement. Jeff groaned. Great he was going to need to get more knives to replace the ones the cops took, luckily none of the killers took there phones with them when killing. It would be disastrous if the cops got ahold of any of there phones- the numbers, the messages and not to mention they could track locations. Pressing the button once more jeff replied.

"Eh, yeah whatever. You can go now." Jeff wasn't going to thank her, he didn't thank anyone- not even slender. Slowly crouching down- wary of his wounded leg- he picked up the folded clothes and changed into them. Sighing contently jeff laid down on his bed, his vision becoming blurred as he fell into a peaceful slumber.


Yawning Jeff slowly sat up as his vision cleared. Hissing at the dryness of his eyes he walked quickly to the door and pressed the button.


"Yes, this is Laila. How can I help you?"

"Do you have any eyedrops?"

Jeff head muffled voices on the other end.


"Yes we do sir, there on there way to you now. Ok?"

Jeff didn't reply but stood staring at the door waiting for the drops. He didn't have to wait long, as eyedrops where slid through the door slot. Hurriedly he applied the drops and sighed in relief as the stinging sensation went.Walking back to his bed he returned to his book. Waiting for you to come.


Lost in his book he didn't realise how much time had passed or that you had came to work a while ago and where now sat-cross legged- on the floor in front of his bed, watching him intensely. Reading the very last sentence of the book jeff smiled. "That was a good book" he said out loud subconsciously.

"Was it?" You stifled a small laugh when jeff snapped his head towards you, confusion replacing delight in his features. His eyes never leaving your form when you stand and walk over to him.

"What? When'd you get there!"

Smiling down at him you reply.

" about an hour ago."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

" you seemed to be enjoying your book and I didn't want to bother you."

"Your not really a bother. Not like the other psychologists." Jeff muttered. He had to admit you weren't much of a bother, you where quite nice and friendly and didn't show any fear towards him. Whilst you and him conversed Jeff failed to realise how, inch by inch, you moved closer and closer to him. To the point where you had sat next to him, both yours and his knees touching- him blissfully unaware.

After a while you both stood and left jeffs room, proceeding down the ward towards your office.

"So who's Laila?" Jeff began as you walked at a leisurely pace in front of him.

"Laila is my assistant. I requested her to be your nurse for when I wasn't here. I thought it might be in your best interest to have someone I trust and have known for long time to take care of you." You turned your head towards jeff and smiled. He couldn't help but smile back, a genuine smile. Once reaching your office you opened the door and ushered jeff in.

"Isn't it supposed to be ladies first?" Jeff smirk at you.

"Do you believe in that sort of thing jeff?"

Jeffs smirk fell. " Well not me personally but sle-" jeff stopped him self. He nearly give you information! He nearly broke the rules! He needed to be more careful. Jeff hoped you would let that side.

"But who jeff?"

Perhaps not.

"Er... Spongebob?" Jeff wasn't quite sure of the answer himself but was relieved when you laughed and followed him inside.

Once inside you sat in your chair to told jeff he could play any video game of his choice. You watched him with interest to see what he would pick from the variety of games. Jeff scanned through the game covers, deciphering which one he like the look of best. He finalised on a war game that had a foreign title, placed it in the Xbox and began to play. You sat watching him,a smile on you face. To jeff it looked like a innocent smile, oh if only he knew what was going through your head.


The book jeff was reading was another story I wrote, it can be found here:

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