Why did you ask?

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The weather was getting cold, as if it's telling me something bad was coming up. It felt calm, but sad. "Hey, do you think he'll be alright?" I asked, looking out of the window as rain drops fell to the ground. My heart was beating....for Christon. I realized this when he, the vampire always rescued me. A true gentleman inside but a big fat bully on the outside. I never knew I could be this soft to a guy....because I wasn't.

We were still in the tree house and safe from enemies. Arthur didn't look worried but I was beginning to. Sensing my fear, he calmed me down. "Relax, girl. I'm sure he's going to be alright. He's a vampire and that's the best of him compare to me, a nerd," he tensed at the last word. I stared into his eyes, trying to believe every single word he said. Time slowly passed and I didn't know what to do other than looking out of the window, looking at Arthur or worse, squishing ants. Arthur sighed and took out a piece of paper from a box we kept in the house. I tilted my head in confusion. "What are you doing?"

He gave me a duh look before scribbling something on the paper. "I thought you want to create a plan to get to your parents. They have higher chances on getting killed or kidnapped since your 'boyfriend' couldn't make it in time." Nice way to be mad, genius. "How should I remember about the plan? Fine, let's do it..." I folded my arms and approached him slowly after I took one last look outside, making sure nobody saw us.

We discussed, finding out Jonnah's (I prefer to call him that) weakness and put a stop to his plan, which was marrying me. "Is there any chance we can kill a vampire? I didn't have much time finding in the library the other day." I scratched my neck. The paper was full of words, mind maps and other ridiculous things we shouldn't be writing. Arthur chuckled. "I'm sure there is. Why don't you try checking it with your phone?" Why haven't I thought of that?

Blushing, I opened my phone and started looking for answers.

Scrolling after scrolling, I found an interesting website and clicked. Arthur never let his gaze away from me. I never found it creepy, it was showing that he cared...even after the shock of my feelings for Christon. "So," he started the conversation. "you really like him, don't you?" My eyes turned to the boy whom I've known for so long. I could feel something in my eyes but I avoided it. I couldn't cry in front of him, my friend, fake boyfriend, my nerdy pal. He was searching for answers as I stared him, wishing that it wasn't true, that I wasn't into Christon.

I sniffed. "Now that you ask, I guess I do."


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