Jackie's POV:

"Show's over." Calum shouts at them as they break out giggling like schoolboys. "Now get out, I have strict orders from my mumsy that I need my beauty rest. Plus there's her." he says as he snakes his hand around my waist.

I playfully swat him away.

"I'm not your damn showpiece, Cal." I joke but by the look on his face I can tell he thinks I'm being serious so I add "I'm kidding." and watch him relax.

"Oi, mate, party here on Saturday, yeah? Yeah, it's decided then." Michael bellows and Luke cheers in agreement.

Calum shoos Luke and Michael out the front door as the coo at us.

"Whatever, now get the fuck out of my house." he says lowly in a vain attempt to shut them up.

Once the door latches his attention is on me once again.

"Wanna watch a movie? We can watch it in here since my dad's at work and mum's asleep." he says, gesturing to a big screen TV in the living room.

I nod in response.

"And we can even use Netflix." he grins.

"Oooh, fancy." I joke.

"Only the best for you, babe." he replies and I feel my face heat at his choice of words.

"Why couldn't Michael and Luke have watched the movie with us?" I asks suspiciously.

"Because, then I wouldn't be able to do this." he says, leaning over to place a quick kiss on my lips before pulling me closer to him on the couch.

"Have you seen The Lego Movie?" he asks and I laugh.

"What is it with you and kids movies?"

"I'm a kid at heart." he shrugs. "Why? would you rather watch The Notebook?" he asks with a smirk.

"What if I said yes?"

"Well, then I guess we'd watch The Notebook."

"Nah, lets watch The Lego Movie."

"I like your style." he says.

"I like you." I reply, grinning at him.

"Ditto." he mirrors my words from the first time I told him that I liked him. That was only a few days ago but it feels like a lifetime ago.

He gets up to make popcorn and I stretch across the entire length of the couch. When he returns he starts to spread blankets across the carpet between the couch and TV.

"You can sit up here, dumb ass." I say teasingly as I sit up.

"I know. But look." he says, rolling across the vast expanse of lounging space that he's just made available using the blankets.

"Well, then." I say, laying back down on the couch then rolling off of the front. I thud onto the carpet and groan at my own clumsiness. Then I hear Calum laughing profusely. I can't help but to laugh too. Not so much at myself but at how much he's laughing at me.

I grab the edge of the blanket closest to the couch and roll toward Calum, enveloping myself in the fluffy material.

"You look like a burrito." he remarks, laughing then offers me popcorn but I scrunch my nose at him in response.

Eventually he lays down next to me. Despite a valiant effort on my own part I start to drift off to sleep toward the end of the movie.

"Tired?" he asks and I nod wearily in response.

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