PewDiePie <3

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Imagine a world without PewDiePie. the amazing, funny, awesome man who makes so many people laugh every day. The man with a gorgeous heart who does anything and everything he can to help others. imagine if he was depressed. imagine if he didnt know how much we actually love him. imagine if he cut himself every day to relieve his stress and pain and anger. what if one day there was a last video, just one, of him, telling us that he tried, he tried to be happy, he tried to make you laugh, he tried to help others and that he thought of himself as a failure. what would you do. writing in the comments wouldnt help because it would be too late. getting everyone you know to subscribe to him wouldnt help because it would be too late. he'd be long gone. after all, the video has to render before it uploads. imagine all the mean comments he gets, imagine him, tears streaming down his face while he reads them. all that hate. all those tears. all those scars. just imagine. him tipping all those pills into his hand, or wrapping a noose around his neck, or holding his finger on the trigger of a gun. no one realises that he could be ready to end his life. i just hope he knows that i love him. i dont want him to leave us. to me. he is my older brother. and i love him. i feel i can relate to him. and when i go to bed. i can only think 'what if he left?' and i fall asleep. take sometimes to think about this. because he could be making his last video now.


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