"i'm home" harry calls out, walking into the warm house. he could tell the fire place was on, and louis was somewhere around. he just knew it.

"h-arr-y" a voice called out, as the 28 year old shrugged off his coat.

"hi baby" he spoke, slipping off his boots, walking into the heated room.

the living room was very simple, but very home like. it was easy for louis to drive around in his wheelchair, and harry liked it simple. his life was simple.

"h-o-w w-as your d-ay?" the 30 year old asks, turning his head to the right more, to look at his lover.

harry smiled softly, coming over to sit on the sofa by the older boy. he grabbed the remote of the tv, turning the volume down to talk to him. "fine. the kids were okay, but, oh gosh; they are rebels, nothing like we were at that age" harry jokes, leaning his head to his husbands left side.

louis chuckles, moving his right hand to pat the younger boys hair.

"m-um sa-ys hi" louis spoke, turning his side to look at the green eyed boy.

harry nods, moving his head back to his husbands shoulder.

so that explains why louis was sitting on the sofa. he is normally sitting in his chair, typing away in the back room, helping his speech.

"oh, i will give her a call later" harry speaks, yawning at the end of his sentence.

"y-ou t-ire-d?" louis questions, smiling at the young lad who closed his eyes.

harry nodded, still resting his head on the older boys shoulder.

"cuddle?" he asks, opening his eyes to look up at his smiling husband.

the 30 year old nods, making hand gestures, making harry nod his head.

the 28 year old stood up, stretching his body while doing so, before bending down and scooping up the older boy.

louis laughs, and if you ask harry, it's the most beautiful sound in the world.

as the two walk down the hallway, harry can't help but to smile down at his lover in his arms.

louis notices this, and blushes, hitting the younger lads chest with his right hand playfully.

as harry steps into the bedroom, he places the boy down on the bed, to snuggle with him.

"i love you" harry whispers, snuggling into louis right side.

since the older lad can't move his body on the left side. louis slept on the left side of the bed, so harry can snuggle him.

"i lo-ve yo-u to-o" louis whispers, closing his eyes, kissing harry's forehead. since the younger lad protested he was the small spoon. louis couldn't help but laugh, and simple say 'well you are my baby'.

"any requests?" harry asks, as he pushes louis wheelchair into the take out place.

harry was too tired to cook that night, so he just got up from his nap and helped louis into his wheelchair, saying that they were having take out that night.

"n-o" louis speaks, smiling at the young girl who held the door open for them.

harry of course being himself, smiled and thanked her.

the two stood near the back, looking at the mcdonalds menu.

"i might have a big mac. large, like i like my men" harry jokes, making louis roll his eyes. because well, the 30 year old was tiny.

"u-m. i w-ill h-av-e th-e sa-me" louis said, looking back at harry.

"la-rg-e. l-ik-e i l-ik-e m-y m-en" the older boy spoke, referring to his husbands bad joke.

harry can't help but laugh himself, shaking his head. "oh gosh, was it really that bad?"

louis laughs, nodding his head slightly.

harry calms himself down, pushing louis wheelchair up to the counter to order.

"2 large big macs, in a meal with coke" he spoke, handing over the cash.

louis smiled, tracing his hand in harry's as the two waited to get their meal.

"wanna go home? or dine here?" the 28 year old asks, looking down at his husband.

"he-re" louis speaks, making harry nod and speak.

"well go find us a seat" before turning back around, and thanking the woman for their meals.

louis rolled his chair, making extra sure not to hit anyone. harry was close behind, carrying their tray.

"he-re" louis speaks, pointing to the table.

harry nods, placing their food on the table, before grabbing the chair and placing it by the table next to them.

"t-han-ks" louis spoke, driving his chair to park under the table.

as he heard children laugh outside, harry turned to face the children playing on the playground. smiling, and wondering if his child would do that too.

"lou" harry spoke, turning around to face his lover.

louis turns his head to the right, facing the younger boy.

"you know, since we're a bit older. and i'm almost 30, um" harry spoke, feeling his stomach be field with butterflies.

louis blinks at him, nodding his head to say 'carry on'.

"um, i was wondering, if we could try to have a baby, again?" harry asks, looking down at his hands.

louis makes a noise, starling harry.

"i'm sorry baby. i didn't mean to panic you" harry speaks, standing up to go smooth his husband.

louis shakes his head, placing a hand over harry's which was on his cheek.

"b-aby" was all he said, and a simple smile to go with it.

"so you're okay with it? you want a baby too?" the 28 year old asks, sitting on the chair next to the blue eyed boy.

louis nods, playing with harry's left hand in his right.

"so, we can try. i know it's impossible for us to you know do it natrual, but we can always ivf again" he spoke, nerves flooding his body.

louis understood what he meant. the two can have 'it' anytime they want, but louis couldn't function the part of 'making babies'. so they had to settle with ivf.

"i will make us a appointment for wednesday" harry grinned, making sure louis was 100 % on board.

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