Chapter 2

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Gabe left David's house with David's last words kept in his thoughts.

"It did happened for some reasons for her, but I have my reasons to wait for her and love her still." it was Gabe's answer for what David had said.

He walked from that house not just having those advices but, he also started the walk on the road he decided to have, which was the road where he will take the risk and wait and keep loving her. Gabe smiled as he took his path to his dorm.

As Gabe went to sleep, the pain within him was never felt again and true smiles existed. Then slowly closed his eyes. As he was trying to sleep, he again recalled how their relationship with Kate started.

It started when Gabe confessed his feelings to Kate. Kate didn't took it seriously but Gabe told her it was just to let her know what she meant for him. Fortunately, their friendship didn't end up due to Gabe's confession rather it went even better. The longer they became close the more things they shared about themselves. Secrets were told, promises were spoken, happiness was shared and the more Gabe was falling inlove for her. Kate on the other hand was also falling for him. She was giving signs, like posts that she was really happy to meet this guy, Gabe wasn't that dumb to read those signs. Days passed by, so was weeks and the second semester was about to begin again. Kate had already arrived at her University dorm from her province. Gabe was still enjoying his last week of the break since his University starts a week late.

When Kate started her classes, Gabe's morning came boring all of the sudden, so he thought of calling Kate. So he asked if its okay to pick up his call that she might be in a class. Kate fortunately agreed. Gabe noticed that it would be their first time to hear each other's voices. Then Gabe dialed her up, as the phone rang, his heart beats fast,

then an angelic voice "Hello? Gabe?"

then Gabe couldn't resist to smile and answered

"Yes, Hi Kate (then chuckles)"

then he heard some laughs over Kate, so he asked "so you're with your friends now huh? so let me ask how was your surprise for them went? (he chuckled again)",

"(Kate laughed) haha, they were a bit surprises when I came late in class this morning. haha, they really believed I was no longer their classmate."

Then they talked a bit more but it ended short for her classes was about to began. Then they bid their goodbyes. Gabe looked on the ceilling and smiled, on the other hand Kate smiled as if she was overwhelmed with joy.

By that evening Gabe asked for a meet up forwith Kate, but Kate couldn't, she said she was to be staying at her aunt by tommorow for a visit. Gabe couldn't do a thing about it, so he just accepted the fact, but he was still scheduled to go to his university tommorow.

When he arrived at his dormitory, he found his roomates bored yet ready to go places. Since he knew Kate and his cousin was shopping at the mall, and Kate also threw the surprise for Gabe's roomate, Gabe thought it would be his perfect chance to get his roomates have a meet with her. So he immediately texted her that he would bring up his roomates at the mall where they were and your surprise will work then. Kate couldn't say no. So Gabe immediately asked his roomates to go with him at the mall with an excuse of getting groceries, luckily they agreed on it.

When they arrived at the mall, Kate told Gabe and his roomates to go at some shop where they all would meet. As Gabe and his roomates arrived at  the shop, Gabe suddenly felt nervous. He then called her up,

"Hey Kate, we're already here, where to find you?",

Kate then replied "No, just stay there I'll come for you."

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