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Raina was born into a very wealthy and extremely powerful family but was born with the personality of a very playful and kind person. Despite having all the money, good looks, intelligence and flexibility, she did not use it for bad and was very kind and unlike some other rich and powerful snobby little brats, she was a lot more playful and less elegant than a normal heir though, but even so, she still loved helping others.

She doesn’t like going to school in a sedan limousine because it attracts a lot of attention and it’s holding back her freedom of transportation, so instead of just obediently jumping in the car and following the guards to school she runs past the guards, and past the car and she runs her way to school. Once she thinks the guards lose sight of her she’ll continue having fun balancing on top of brick gates and narrow pathways.

She easily gets to school every day like this and once she does everyone greets her in a casual way and not in a way like saying “Good day to you” or “Good morning, Raina” but in a way like saying “hey” or “hi” stuff like that. She likes this school because no matter everywhere she goes everyone sees her as the great heir to the Leonhart’s which annoys her the most. Nothing annoys her most than getting treated like a princess and letting everyone do all the fun. She hates that.

Raina sat on her usual seat, near the window, and gazed at it the whole time. She wasn’t looking at a boy or anything she was looking at the peaceful cherry blossom. It looked very free and peaceful. She wished life was like that. Sometimes she thought to herself,” Why was I ever born rich?” or “Why are wealthy people so snobby?” Raina didn’t think all rich kids are snobby she just kept on thinking why everyone who gets hold of money just suddenly changes? She always wished that she could just find someone, at least one, who is kind and free. It doesn’t matter who it be, as long as he is kind free and selfless, Raina would definitely be relieved to know the world isn’t all that bad.

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