Chapter 9

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It's been a while, my pineapplepotatoes! I'm not dead, I was just on a vacation. Did you guys know that Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens come to Holland (Yes, I am dutch, problem?) AND THAT I'M PROBABLY GOING TO THEIR CONCERT O.o

-Fangirl moment- 

My computer still is dead, so I'm typing this on a school computer... People are starting to look weird at me.. Yea... Fuck people, right?


No wait, you guys don't understand. Brad doesn't only yell at me, he also beats me after school if he's bored, or if I did something he didn't like. Rae Pierce, the leader of the U.S.Gang, was Brad's favorite punchingbag. Why didn't I do something, you ask? Well... It all started when my parents were killed.

I was in a foster-family before. Not just a foster-family, Brad's family. The first few weeks he was so nice to me. He always smiled and I thought I had a home again. I had never been so wrong in my life. 

We fell in love after a few weeks. I don't even know if it's legal or not, but I loved him with all my heart. I really loved him. Not liking, loving. Then he and his friends started smoking weed and stronger stuff. When he got home and I was in my room, he stormed in and tried to kiss me, which I didn't mind, cause he was my boyfriend. Then he started to touch my butt and tried to take mt clothes off. I stopped him and finally noticed he smelled like weed. I told him to go, but he didn't. He cried and said that I didn't love him, and that I was a bitch and that I deserved punishment. 

From that moment on I was his personal punchingbag. Later I started to train and became stronger. I also started the U.S.Gang. But Brad still thought I was weak, and I needed a reason to move out of his house and move in with the foster-family I live in now. 

I don't really remember what I did to live in another family, but I did something that worked.


I stared at him and scratched my head. Well, he thought I did. I turned on my microphone in my earring when I moved my hand down. I may be stabbed, but I didn't lose my mind.

''What. The. Fuck.'' Yes, indeed. That was all I could say at that moment. 

''Now,'' Brad began. ''The deal.'' He smiled like an evil disney-villan at me.

''What's the deal.'' I asked as calm as I could.

''Well, nice that you ask. I will set you free, without telling the police who you are or that you were here...''

''And in return?'' 

He looked at me with a weird smile. ''You will give me all the money you robbed till now.''

''And if I don't agree with your deal?''

''Then,'' He laughed like a disney-villan. Damn this guy, did he watch so many disney-movies that he's acting like one of it's villans? ''I will kill you." He continued. ''So, Rae, the so-called leader of the U.S.Gang, what is it gonna be?'' He pointed a gun at my head. 

''Kill me.''

''You know I will.''


 ''I really will.'' I know he couldn't kill anyone. He might hate me, but he isn't a killer. He sounded like he was about to give up when suddenly his face lighted up.

''What?'' I asked kinda angry. I'm tired of his shit.

''I could always...'' He smiled again. That creepy smile. I think that smile will haunt me in my dreams for the rest of my life. ''Haha! yes! That's what I will! HAHAHA! You'll pay for your sins, Rae! You lied to me! Liar! Liar!'' 

''I never lied to you! So shut the fuck up!'' What's wrong with this guy...

''Yes, yes you did!'' He stood up. ''You told me you loved me! You told me! You said you would never leave me! That you would remember everything that happened that day!'' He screamed and tears started to fall from his eyes. 

''I don't know what you're talking about.'' I didn't want to remember this. I finally got it out of my head. Why must he start about this now!

''Ha... Ha.. HAHAHA! YOU'LL SEE! I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE ME AGAIN! I will.'' He grabbed my arms and his face came closer with mine. I could smell his breath; alcohol. He was drunk.

Before I knew what was happening, he kissed me. It was disgusting. I felt unclean. His hands tried to take off my shirt, while I desperately tried to move away. He stopped kissing me. ''Don't. Try. To. Do. Anything.'' He looked at my feet. ''You see that?'' He asked in a childish tone. Then I saw it; one of my legs was chained to the bed. Why didn't I notice that before? ''That's why you can't run.'' He laughed again. It gave me the fucking creeps.

He tried to kiss me again. I slapped him in the face. Why didn't I do that before? He slapped me back and held my wrists very, very tightly. Oh, that's why I didn't do that before. 

''You must not slap your love, dear! You must be punished now.'' He walked away, only to come back in less than a minute with a rope. He was too strong. I couldn't even escape when he tied me to the bed. 

There I was, chained, and tied to a bed, with a drunk guy who 'loved' me. This is worse than getting stabbed by your boyfriend.

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