<<Chapter 42>>

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--Tao's P.O.V--

"WAAAHHHH! Xiumin!" Suho screams at the tippiest, tip top of his lungs. His body flings behind Xiumin and Sun-Ah for comfort. Leaving me in front with the torch. Can't he be manlier? Sun-Ah is laughing joyful and she's a GIRL! Suho Hyung is older than me and is supposed to be a MAN! He looks like his body could crumble into any pieces looking so fragile and scared.

"Suho, if anything pops up, I'll beat em up." Xiumin consoles, patting Suho's back.

"This is nothing!" A burst of confidence comes out from Sun-Ah.

"How about we call it a day and go home?" Suho suggests, slightly retreating. Xiumin and Sun-Ah quickly latch onto him before he can run away, or in this case make it harder on us and himself.

"Don't worr-" suddenly a strange noise appears, interrupting my coaxing. What was that just now? Suho then whines a little because of it and clings onto Sun-Ah like Xiumin would to Emma.

"I wish we had Baekhyun's onions right now." Suho exclaims, scared to pieces. It's just a vegetable! Not a ghost repellent!

"WE DON'T NEED IT!" We all say synchronized. I swear he's too timid for his own good. What can Baekhyun's onions solve?

(A/N: Everyone's against the onions TT3TT)

"Hyung, please man up." Chen's voice admits off Suho's cellphone.

"Isn't the prince brave in order to save the princess?" Xiumin points out.

"I'm very much brave!" Suho defends himself. "It's just Princes usually fight dragons not... Invisible beings." I roll my eyes. Such an excuse!

"Let's hurry, I think a saw something." Sun-Ah exclaims and we immediately quicken our paste through the corridors. Suho is breathing heavily with each step he takes.

"Stop breathing like that!" Sun-Ah declares. It is becoming annoying.

"I can't, I'm scared." He cries.

"Then stay behind me and don't look." Xiumin suggests.

"I can't!" Suho starts hyperventilating even faster.

"Just stop breathing in general!" Sun-Ah suggests next making Suho pout while she laughs merrily. With a strange feeling I decide to stop everyone by a classroom with one arm.

"What's wrong?" Xiumin asks, staring at me I'm concern.

"There's something..." I exclaim, making Suho stiffen. A figure moves and I immediately snap my head to it. "There..." I whisper, pointing at the nearest classroom.

"Let's go in and be all ghost busters on it." Sun-Ah whispers loudly, probably not even a whisper. We all go for it, screeching open the door while Suho now behind me. And the figure I saw earlier has somehow disappeared, maybe crawling around somewhere. we walk in deeper, I'm the middle.

"I think we found it." Suho whispers to his phone with a cold shaken voice. Suddenly the light on his phone pops and also the torch. I tap it but it doesn't work at all. Now we're all in a dark fog.

"Xiumin Hyung? Sun-Ah?" I call out but no one responds. I stand, stiffened as I feel Suho still grip onto my back with incredible force... Is Suho holding me?

--Zero's P.O.V--

No fair, I wanted to be with Min-Hee. I pout my lips out and carry on walking. Suddenly a strange gurgling sound pauses the all of us.

"I'm sorry..." That Sehun boy apologizes. "It was my stomach, I'm not that hungry but-" Before he could finish his sentence I rustle my hand in my pocket.

"Your welcome." I smile as I toss him a big cookie that I was planning on eating with Min-Hee. He catches it swiftly and stares at it with happy eyes.

"Thank you Zero Hyung~" He happily unwraps it. 'Hyung'? Wow, how cute.

"Stop!" Kai suddenly seizes Sehun from unwrapping it. "You know that if you eat in the dark ghosts eat with you right?" Kai exclaims.

(A/N: Apparently true. Asian legend thing, you need at least a little light source other then that... You'll be unconsciously sharing your food ^^)

"That's fine. At least you won't be lonely." I laugh it off with Chen.

"Yeah, if you like being haunted." Kai adds. Making Sehun slowly rewrap the cookie.

"I'll eat it later..." Sehun exclaims from his lost of appetite.

"I think we've found it." A voice echoes from Chen's cellphone. The voice is shaken in terror. A few other voices from the other teams are also questioning.

"Where are you?" Chen asks back. There's a long pause from the boy known as Suho. "Hey, Hyung!" Chen starts calling in concern. Suddenly he too starts to become silent. "Were cut off from them." As soon as he speaks the words; 'cut off'. We all run towards him. And Suho's name has disappeared from the group call.

"Hyung, what happened to Suho, Tao, Sun-Ah and Xiumin?" Sehun asks.

"I don't know." He replies back.

--Chanyeol's P.O.V--

"What do you mean group two has disappeared?" Emma asks in frustration.

"It says; 'Kim JoonMyun has exited the call'...and chat." I reassure. Which is highly odd.

"They were taking East right?" Lay asks, thinking things through. I nod and we keep going our way.

"I guess, it's three groups left." Luhan states.


This chapter is short, I hope it's fine. What team do you like? And which one would you vote off the island?

Let's see what happens next yeah?

Oh! Tip:

Don't eat in the dark or without at least some light source. Eg: screens, candles, torch.

If your a rebel and do. Just like my mum would say; 'Don't be scared when you feel something eerie, don't look behind you.'

(Cause ghost feed off of fear ^^ Yeah, my family had a few of ghost encounters I guess)

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