Meet Gabe

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Jack's POV

I knew exactly where the kingdom was.

It will probably take a few days. I stop by a friends house in the wilderness to get supplies.

My friends name is Gabriel but I call him Gabe.

His tall, brown eyes, a bit muscular, and brown headed.His the type where you can't tell him what to do.

He definitely isn't the type to want a girl.

But to use them yes.

He shortly ran away after I did, in search of me.

I walk up to Gabe's house. Still the old two story house I saw before.

I knock

. Waiting patiently for the door to open. I send out my senses.

Oh his here all right. I feel an arm go around my neck to put a choke hold on me. I flip him over to the ground and get on top of him.

"Still slow as always Gabe" I say.

" get off you punk" he replies

I get off and stick out my hand to help him up. He takes my hand.

" nice seeing you" he replies.

" we need to talk" I say serious. " let's talk inside"

I walk in. There's two couches and the kitchen was nearby. In front of the couches was a tv . And I saw stairs. I sit on the couch farthest away from the door.

"The royals" I start Gabe sits on the other couch " they have something dear to me and they want me to come back and retrieve it"

Gabe looks at me.

" and what is this thing that is dear to you?" He asks

I hesitate.

"a girl"

he sighs and gets up to the kitchen.

I stand up too.

" she's not just any girl!" I start " she's different I love her" he goes in the fridge and takes out a pitcher of red liquid.

"Want some" he offers.

I shake my head

" stop trying to change the subject" I state.

He slams the pitcher full of blood down.

"I'm not trying to" he starts and sighs"If she really means that much to you then I'm going too" woah woah woah. No way.

"No!" I say " I have to do this alone!"

He stares at me telling me that there's no way I'm going alone. The last time I told him no I went to the hospital. I sigh given in.

" you can come but we need supplies"

He puts a back pack on the table and he puts one on himself. The both backpacks are black. I take the one on the contour and look inside.

Blood,money,ropes, and other things. I put the back pack on.

We head outside and I wait for Gabe to lock up. When his finished he faces me.

"Lead the way jake" he says

I take my first step to my adventure to save the one I truly love.

To get to the kingdom we had to walk by foot. Meaning we had to go through the wilderness. We were in a forest walking on a path.

" they still use the short cut" I said.

Mmmm was his answer. We have been walking for an hour now and it's starting to get dark. I stop in my tracks.

" we should look for somewhere to stay the night. We looked and looked. There was nothing but trees. I sigh.

" we could always sleep in the tree's" Gabe said

I look up at a tree. I back up and run towards it. I put my foot in front and push off to grab a branch with my hands. I pull myself up and rest my head on the tree.

I see that Gabe's done what I just did except faster on the opposite side of me. We face each other for a while. I decide to look through the backpack to look for food.

All there was was blood. I take a water bottle full of blood out. I shake it in front of him.

He shrugs

"food won't last longer than blood" I open it and chug half the bottle. It wasn't the thick kind I got from the cafe but it was fine.

Sweet and irresistible.

"Why" he starts "what's so different about this girl?"

I sighed.

" I know" i said " I can just feel it. You just know who you want to spend the rest of your life with."

He stares at me. I knew exactly what he was thinking. Oh like Sarah? I gave him the look of Don't Go There.

" we should get some rest" Gabe finally said. "We may get there tomorrow depends"

I nod in agreement closing my eyes and slowly drifting away.

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