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Everything was a smooth transition. Nothing was really different. cam didn't propose with a ring, instead as we walked up to our new forever home, he got down on one knee and held the key up to me

"Melanie, these have been some crazy ass times. But if you weren't involved in them, then they'd be a waste, but you are involved meaning that all my attention, all my time, just everything of mine, goes to you. I love you, I always have and always will. so by accepting this key to our new house. Will you also lock the deal of our marriage?" I smiled at him, my cheeks flushed and tears of joy. I didn't feel a pressured "you have to say yes." It was a smooth happy of course yes. I play that moment over and over in my head.

Then there comes the time when Cameron thought it'd be a good idea to have a floating crib, that didn't work out. The minute I started to really show, Cameron got a camera and snapped probably a picture a day. We've had Bryant come and take s'more pictures.

Jodie is all 100 in at Harvard. She's one step closer to being a lawyer. She's told me that Hayes has brought up marriage a few times, they've been together about a year now, and marriage still absolutely scares her. So he hasn't brought it up since she last told him.

Carter and jenny are inseparable. Carter told me he's never been happier and that he wishes he would've found her sooner. her reply was "maybe you weren't looking hard enough?" when truth is, Nash set them up.

Speaking of Nash, Nash did finally find himself a sweet mannered country girl, fresh outta Georgia with the name of Belle.

Cam and I didn't have a big wedding, just our families and close friends. I was sixth months pregnant at the time. We had the perfect summer time wedding. like we'd always dreamed of, and yes we did have a disco ball.

Sadie, our daughter, was born September 9th. Cameron saw her as a birthday gift and I couldn't agree more. She's a jewel to him and he spends so much time with her.

And now here I am, watching my baby go off to school for the firs time. It's kindergarten, so she's not too big yet. I look over to Cameron and wrap my arms around him, pressing my ear against his chest.

"Awe, are you crying?" I ask and he blinks a few times.

"Absolutely not, now, guess who has the house all to theirselves for the rest of the day." His hands run up my arms. I roll my eyes.

"You're an idiot." Cameron just smiles at me and holds my hand as we walk to the car.

My mother almost screamed with joy when I told her Cameron and I were back together. Then she decided it was the appropriate time to talk about how she didn't like Taylor and just bad mouth him. To this day I still defend him. Yeah he cheated the whole relationship, but I cheated as well. I lied. I had secrets. Everyone makes mistakes, you gotta learn to not hold a grudge.

Dakota and Taylor did get married and Taylor looks extremely happy. But he wouldn't have be nearly as happy with me. He wants to travel the world, I looked to Cameron laying on the couch, Sadie asleep on his chest.

"I don't want to travel the world, all I want to see is right here in my living room."


Cameron was 75 when he passed. There had been a tumor in his brain. He had sat up due to his head hurting and as soon as he stood up. He came falling down just as fast as he'd gotten up.

I set the flowers down in front of his headstone. Sadie rubs my shoulder gently.

"I love you mom." she says and I smile. My hand finger runs along my wrist, where in Cameron's handwriting 'always' is tattooed. He has the same one just in my handwriting.

I hug Sadie and turn around to her sweet husband. She's got children of her own now, well she's had them a while now.

A six year old boy named Bentley, and a ten year old named crystal.


I walk inside our house. The children are outside playing with each other, their parents supervise right next to them. I let my fingers drift over pictures and nick knacks. Each touch brings up another memory. I stop when I get to our bedroom. I see young us, wrestling, then I see Cameron tracing my swollen belly. It was a perfect little life. One that I've lived just enough for.

So as I lay down in bed I hear a faint whisper.

"I did look back." I smile, I don't even have to look to see who it is.

"Cameron tell me you love me." I close my eyes and hear his voice whisper how much he loves me. I feel cold air hit my hand.

"Don't be scared." I shake my head.

"I'm never scared as Long as I am with you."

~The End~

I'm sorry but I'm crying okay, it's exactly 6:15 am and I finished this. I'm glad this book is over so I can focus on my new book apartment 18c

If anyone did not understand the epilogue, basically it was Mel as an old lady telling you what happened over the years.

At the end of this, yes she died. Cameron held her hand and accompanied her to the after life with him.

If you want like a chapter for like Hayes and Jodie about them then request it.

So yeah this should be up today. Thank y'all so much or reading, it was a crappy ending but it's over and Mel and cam forever.

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