<<Chapter 41>>

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At times like this, I don't feel the greatest. It's pouring down on us and the classroom is still quite dark. The door was fixed and Kris took a while apologizing to the guards. Sun-Ah and Zero are highly aware of our plan while I told mum I'll be sleeping over with Sun-Ah and Zero will tag along. Our bags are filled with food and snacks, and other materials. In worse case scenario I brought a pocket knife. In case one of gets trapped somewhere somehow.

"CCTV's done! We left it in a loop from yesterdays night when it hits nine." Emma announces as she walks back in with Lay. The rest of us are studying, waiting for the time to pass. Chen however is dancing to brighten the mood, Chen's dancing is... One of a kind.

"Hey idiot, pass me your textbook." Kyungsoo kicks the bottom of my chair and points over to one of my books.

"You could ask politely." I mutter, placing it on his desk behind me.

"D.O be nice." Chanyeol warns as he walks pass, heading over to sharpen his pencil.

"Yeah, be nice D.O." I agree, calling him by his nickname that he grew to hate for me to call him.

"Do you want to die?" He exclaims in a stern voice. Chanyeol pauses from walking while I stare into Kyungsoo's eyes full of hatred. He's as frightful as Lay, but we all know Lay's on a whole other level of scary.

"If you kill her, I'll kill you." Chanyeol retorts with a smirk.

"And if you kill him, I'll kill you." Lay joins with a grin, looking over at us.

"Guys, I think you all know who's most capable of killing everybody." Tao steps in with a wooden meter ruler.

"Ahem..." Chen 'coughs' "Steel crowbar, ahem..." He swings over his crowbar casually. In my opinion, Chen wins. With his dancing that seems dangerous, add on a steel crowbar and death to us all!

"I have a pencil and OH I know how to use it!" Sehun suddenly threatens.

"Stop guys, love~ looovee~~" Suho breaks the chain.

"--For maths! I... Use my pencil for maths." He changes his threat to a fact and fiddles with his fingers shyly. "Sorry I just felt left out." He mutters, pouting and blushing. I just sigh and slouch in my seat with a book in my hands.


It's now the end of school and we were able to sneak in, Zero and Sun-Ah. Also, we're all cooped up in the library, being that it is one of the safest places. I'm just amazed how they managed to get in. All they said was that Zero knows a person.

"About all of them are gone!" Kris declares, peeping out the window. Sehun is hiding behind the shelves with Tao. Kyungsoo and Luhan are hiding on top if the bookcase, on a whim. Cause one bad wiggle then they fall. Chanyeol is hiding behind the librarians desk. Most of us are under desks but Kris is behind the curtain, giving him the ability to peep outside. Baekhyun is crawling around somewhere, Lay's in a dark corner. I'm behind the reading sofa with Zero as Kai is lying on top of it with cushions obscuring him.

"And... We. Are. CLEAR!" Kris hops out from behind the curtains while everyone else happily jolts up and out of their hiding spot.

"YEAH BABY!" Baek proclaims with his arms raised. Luhan and Kyungsoo start climbing down the bookshelves, slightly kicking books at Tao's face.

"Aww!" Tao groans, rubbing his head.

"Sorry~" Luhan smiles while Kyungsoo doesn't care whatsoever.

"I'll protect you Hyung." Sehun offers kindly, using his catching skills.

"That's so corny." Tao cringes. Sehun pauses and starts sniffing himself while Tao facepalms. I walk out from behind the sofa with Zero as we all start gathering to a table with our bags.

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